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Just a Dream? ~ Lucky Palms Chapter 4

Robins P.O.V

I was still in bed with Cassy when I heard frantic knocking on the door. I quickly got up, put on my robe and  ran out to see who was at the door.
"Keenan? What the hell! Its 6 in the morning!" My friend Guy Keenan, was standing at my door, looking slightly spooked and still wearing the clothes he wore to the party last night.

"Im leaving town for a while... a long while." Guy tossed his house keys at me and I quickly caught them. "I need you to check up on my house every once in a while ok? I will get you my number when I get where im going." Guy turned around to leave and I stopped him

 "Woah, wait a minute Keenan, whats going on?" Guys eyes widened and he looked at the ground "Something happened and I... I gotta go." Guy turned around and walked back to his car. "When will you be back!" I yelled "When I get everything sorted out" Guy drove off.

I went back to my room and got dressed, then woke up Cassy. "What..?" She mumbled. "We have to go check on your mom remember!" "Oh" Cassy sat up and stretched. "I will make breakfast and you can go dress Lilly and Dai." "Ok" I responded and went to the nursery to dress Lilly and Dai. Dai woke up and spent the whole time I was getting him and Lilly ready screaming for his mom. "Its ok Dai, we will see mommy soon" I tried to calm him but it was no use, he just kept screaming.

I carried him into the kitchen, still screaming, and Cassy quickly took him from my arms. "Robin! What did you do to him!" "I didnt do anything! He wants Becks" Cassy rocked Dai in her arms until he calmed down.

I came up behind her "Your so good with kids..." Cassy raised her eyebrow "Are you trying to tell me something Robin?" She put Dai on the floor and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Maybe" I said and I kissed her. "But now we have to feed the kids and go see if Becks is ok".

Becks P.O.V

My dreams were filled with terror. I was laying on the ground, bleeding heavily from a gun shot wound in my shoulder and other various cuts and scratches. I could hear Jed's panicked voice as he tried to stop the bleeding on my shoulder with his hand.

 "Is she ok? Becks! can you hear me! Don't die on me now!" I tried to tell him I was ok, to comfort him, say it was only a dream, but my lips wouldn't move. He knelt over me crying "Somebody help her!" and everything went black.

 I opened my eyes again and I was in a hospital. I turned and looked at my reflection in the mirror, and saw myself, covered in scars, blood and bandages, wearing a hospital gown.

 A faint crying sound came from further down the hallway. I followed the noise until I reached the surgery wing of the hospital , where Jed was sitting outside of the operating room, silently sobbing.

Sitting next to him was a blonde haired man, with his face buried in his hands. I reached out to touch him, and the dream went black again.

Still dreaming, I found myself in the hospitals NICU. It was eerily quiet, except for the soft crying of one baby. I once again followed the crys and found myself staring into my own eyes, on a blonde haired baby girl. I gasped and took a step back, then i felt a hand on my shoulder.

It was Jed. He started shaking my shoulder "Becks? Becks wake up! Wake up Becks!" I woke up with a start gasping and saw Robin and Cassy looking at me, concerned faces turning into ones of pure relief and happiness.

"I told you she was fine!" Cassy said to Robin an a knowing tone.
Robin ignored her and continued looking at me. "Do you remember what happened last night?"
Last night... All I could remember was the dream. I put my hand on my shoulder, feeling for a bullet hole and found nothing. "I don't remember...."

Robin looked at me concerned "How did you get home?"
I reached into my memories again, still only recalling the dream "I don't know Robin"
"Stop asking her questions! She probably got drunk and walked home. The main thing is that she is ok."

"You are ok right, Mom?"
I inspected my shoulder again before responding with the word "Yes"
Robin nodded "Well, were going to take care of Dai for you today, so rest ok?"

Not too long after Robin and Cassy left with Lilly and Dai, I felt the all to familiar feeling of nausea wash over me and I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I started to panic. What if i'm pregnant? I stopped myself from freaking out, by convincing myself that I had just had too many drinks last night.
Two more bouts of nausea and pains in my stomach had me walking to the drug store to pick up  a pregnancy test.

I paced around the bathroom waiting for the result.
For the first time in my life, I actually wanted it to be negative. When the positive sign showed I tossed the tester across the room and cried.

How was I going to tell my family and friends that I was pregnant and I didn't know who the father was!
Worse still, How was I going to tell Jed that I was pregnant and the father definitely wasn't him!
I sat on the floor crying for an hour, looking at my slightly swollen stomach before I finally decided what I was going to do.

I wasnt going to tell anyone.


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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Stand ~ Lucky Palms Chapter 3


There is one slightly mature very non-descriptive scene and suggestive pictures.
Im not gonna put an age limit cause your gonna read it anyways
This probably isnt even necessary but im gonna put it here so nobody gets offended



Guy Keenan's P.O.V

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that I was in my own bed. I don't remember getting home from the bar, and the car was in the driveway. "Dang it!" I mumbled, there were probably reckless driving reports with my licence plate number on them floating around in the system now.
The second thing I noticed was that I was naked, which was strange, because I usually wore pants to bed.
I was caught up in my thoughts when I heard a gentle sigh come from behind me in the bed, close to my ear. It was then that I realized that there was another body pressed against mine. The body felt so familiar, like it was a part of mine. 
The body had changed a bit since I had been with it last, slightly more mature and full, but undoubtedly the same body.  
 I became still, listening to the gentle breathing of the person behind me, afraid to look back and see if it was real, afraid it was only a dream.
I rolled over and tangled my fingers into the familiar purple curls.
There was no denying it. There laying next to me in my bed was my  high school girlfriend, Becks Best.

Memories of the night flooded my head, causing me to be sick to the stomach. 

*Earlier that night*

There was no doubt I was drunk, My mind and body felt numb, but somehow i still remained conscious.
The room was full of haze from the smoke machine and the music played in the background, making the whole scenario seem like a dream.

I was about to go outside and clear my head when I heard someone call me by my first name, Guy. Even in my drunken state, it confused me. Only my close friends and relatives called my by my first name, and i didn't have any here. I turned towards the source of the voice, and almost fell off of my chair. There standing behind me was Becks Best.

Me and her had dated in high school before her... incident. "Becks?" 
"Hey babe!" Becks, obviously drunk, walked over to me and sat on my lap. I tried to keep from freaking out. 'Babe'? she shouldn't even remember me.

She planted a passionate kiss on my lips. "Are we going back to your place tonight Guy?" She said seductively. Oh my gosh... she thinks were dating. She kissed me again, and I savored it, every second my mind became murkier as the alcohol took over. I found myself responding to her advances.

 I knew it was wrong, she was married, but there was that part of me that longed for her body against mine again, the taste of her lips, the smell of her hair. Before I knew it we were back at my house, and Becks was slowly undressing infront of me. She climbed on top of me, pulling off my pants as I reached up and unhooked her bra.

 Her body crushed against mine and our lips melted together, her tongue forcing between my teeth and intertwining with mine.

 I gave into the ecstasy of the moment, our bodies connected together as one, no regrets or hesitation. We stayed that way long after we were done, clinging to each other before we eventually broke apart and gave into sleep.

*Back to present time*

I tried not to panic, even though on the inside I was freaking out. I got out of bed and got dressed, then carefully dressed Becks, who was still sound asleep. I gently picked her up, brought her out to my car and drove back to her hotel.

I unlocked the door using the keys in her purse laid her on the hotel room bed, and then left. With every step I took walking towards my car, I felt stabbing guilt.

 As much as I wanted it to be something meaningful and real, I knew to her, it would only ever be a drunken one night stand. I got in my car, drove home, and cried. As I wallowed in my sorrow, I remembered an important detail from the night, that made my heart drop into my stomach.

We never used protection.


I have nothing to say *goes in corner to cry*


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hide and Seek ~ Lucky Palms Chapter 2

Becks P.O.V

"Mommy, wanna know something?"
"What Dai?" I responded, already knowing the answer. Ever since Adele and Logan visited a week ago Dai had been repeating the same sentince.

"Adele is the prettiest, mommy!"
"Is she?" I tried to sound surprised, even though it was the fifth time today, and it wasnt even noon yet.

Dai's response was interrupted by Cassy, Lilly and Robin coming through the door.
Robins date with Cassy had gone great, and now a week later, Robin is bringing up the topic of getting engaged to her and Lilly has already taken to calling him daddy.

"Daddy down!" Lilly demanded and Robin put her on the floor. She toddled over to where Dai was playing at the new block table and started chewing on one of the brightly coloured blocks.
"She's teething" Cassy said proudly and Robin kissed her.

"Thats great sweety! Do you need anything before you go on your date?" I glanced at Robin who had his hand in his pocket, probably fiddling around with the ring box.
Robin was planning to propose to her today. I knew that they had only been dating for a week, but they were so in love and Robin was a perfect father figure for Lilly.

"Nope! We have everything we need!" Robin assured me and after saying good bye to Lilly, they left.
Logan and Adele showed up soon after for Adele's second playdate with Dai.
Adele was dressed in another butterfly shirt and ruffled capri pants with hello kitty shoes.

Of course, Dai saw her shirt and instantly exclaimed "BURTERFLIES" and jumped on her.
They both lay on the ground, Dai on top of Adele, both giggling like crazy.

Logan and I both laughed at the heap of giggling toddlers.
"Look Adele, Burterflies!" Dai held Adele's hand and dragged her over to where we kept the butterfly Robin gave to him a couple of days earlier.
The tots looked at the butterfly with fascination, amazed by the winged creature in the container.

Adele giggled and pointed at her shirt "Look Dai, I have a burterfly too!"

Dai leaned over and inspected the butterfly on Adeles shirt.
"Thats not a real burterfly Adele" Dai pointed out. "Thats just a picture"
"Oh" Adele replied, her bright eyes saddening.
Dai noticed Adele's sad expression and became concerned.
"Do you want a hug Adele?" Dai asked sweetly
A huge smile appeared on Adeles face and she hugged Dai, who looked at me and smiled

Logan and I chatted for a while, while the toddlers napped, Dai and Adele holding hands.

All too soon it was time for them to go, and Adele went up to Dai.
"I love you Dai" she said before proceeding to kiss him.

"No dating ever!" Logan yelled and I smiled.
"Looks like your not going to get this one Dai" I picked up Dai and tickled him.

We said our good byes and then Logan and Adele were headed back to hidden springs.


I propped my arms onto the counter and drowsily looked at the bartender. I saw him open his mouth (which 
looked like he could stuff two hoagies at a time in) and I winced. I wasn't into small talk now.

"So," He said, cleaning out a glass over and over and over again.

"It's an engagment party tonight. Know the happy couple?"

Suddenly feeling better with each sip of my drink, I respond with a happy, "Yes. It's my daughter marrying a 
close friend of mine."
"Oh, well, love, that's nice! There was this blond chap here a minute ago, talking about his lifelong love here 
and his best friend getting engaged -rather drunk, might I add."

I was probably a bit drunk my self, I didn't mind though. The alcohol made me feel good, something I rarely felt since I left Sunset Valley. The last few days had been chaos. My daughter Karle, one of the quads, came to me with Evan Fey, one of Logans sons, who confessed he was the father of each of the girls babies, including Cassy's. That wasnt all, Karle was engaged to be married to Evan, who would help her raise her twin girls. I never told Cassy, afraid it might damage her relationship with Robin.

"Im guessing everyone here is having a good time" The bartender continued, Looking at the crowd of people surrounding Cassy and Robin, giving their congratulations and good wishes to the soon to be married couple. 

"Yea" I slurred. The alcohol was already starting to get to my head and my vision was blurred and hazy. I didn't care though. My body and mind became more numb with every mouthful, and soon, all of the pain was replaced with the feeling of being light as air. 

Robins P.O.V

"Robin! Tell us about when you proposed!!"
Natalie chimed and Cassy punched her in the arm.

I smiled. "Well, it was two days ago, and I took Cassy to the park. I had a really romantic proposal planned out, where i would ask her infront of the fountain. 

Cassy said that she was hungry, so i decided to treat her to a meal before i popped the question. I ordered each of us a burger and when they gave us the food, I asked Cassy to grab my wallet out of my Jacket pocket for me, Completely forgetting that that was where I had put the ring box.

So Cassy reched into my jacket pocket and pulled out the ring box. "Robin.... is this what i think it is?" Her face was full of shock. I quickly laid down the food, grabbed the ring box from her hand, and got down on one knee.

"Cassandra Best, I didn't believe in love at first sight until I met you. I didn't think that I could have such strong feelings for a woman I had just met, but I did. From the moment I met you Cassandra, I have wanted to say this." I opened the ring box to reveal the silver engagement ring. "Cassandra Best, will you marry me?"

"SOOOOO" Natalie interrupted, "Did she say yes!?" 

Cassy shot Natalie an annoyed look. "How could I say no?" She proceeded to kiss me, causing a ripple of "Aww's!" throughout the audience 

*Three hours later*
By now most of the party had headed home, and the only ones left were Me, Cassy, Natalie, and My friend and co-worker, Alex Anders.
Alex was Sitting alone at a table, fiddling with an empty beer bottle. He looked lonely,  so I asked Natalie to go talk to him.
When she looked at him her face lit up and she quickly responded "Sure!"

I decided to listen to their conversation, to make sure Natalie didnt do or say anything stupid.
"Hey! your Alex right? I'm Natalie" Alex almost jumped when Natalie sat in the chair across from him. "Uh...uh.... hey Nat..Natalie." Alex nervously stuttered. "So, how do you know Robin?" Natalie asked.

"I.. um.. I work with him." Alex answered. Natalie continued to chat with him, as cool as a cucumber, while he just managed to get words out without choking on his tongue. I laughed, they made such a cute couple!

I looked around for Becks, but couldn't find her anywhere.  Cassy had already gone home to be with Lilly, and I was the only one left. "Becks!" I called out her name 2 or 3 times, and searched the whole building, with no luck. I started to worry. It wasnt like her to just leave without telling anyone.

I rushed home to Cassy where I started to panic. "I dont know where she could be Cas!"
"Im sure she just went home early Robby, We will go check her hotel room tomorrow morning, and if she's not there we can call the police, OK?" 

Cassy kissed me and we went to bed, me still wondering what had happened to Becks.


Where did Becks go?
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