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Good to You ~ Babies 21, 22 and 23 Part 2

Jed's P.O.V

The last few days had been hectic, packing boxes and sorting out living arrangements before the move to Sunlit Tides. Alex was slowly adjusting with having his mother around, trying to talk to her and be apart of her life. Andrew on the other hand, was nowhere to be found. I assumed he went to Anna's after our last talk. Andrew had stopped me in the office yelling at me about Becks. "Oh so that's how it is? She ruins our lives and you just take her back, pregnant with another mans children, like nothing ever happened! She left us Dad! She destroyed our family over a stupid fight! I will NEVER call her my mother."

I had tried to calm him down, talk some sense into him, but he kept yelling.
"I hate everything she has done to us dad! I hate her and you should too! If you can't see it, your blind. What do you know about what she did in Lucky Palms? Who says there isnt more between her and that Logan guy?! I can't believe you trust her!"
"ANDREW! This is between me and your mother, it's none of your business! And Logan is with Addy, there is nothing going on between him and your mother!"

Andrew gave me an icy glare. "She's not my mother"
With that he stormed out of the room. I haven't seen him since.
His words hurt me. I couldn't help but think, could I trust her. I looked out the window at her laughing with Dai and Alex, who were in the pan of the truck. I shook my head. This whole thing started with me having trust issues, I wasn't going to start it again.

 Becks had picked up Dai and was heading back to the house. "Is Andrew back yet?" Becks looked concerned. "No, not yet." I sighed and Becks looked down. "Don't worry, he will come back. He just needs some time." I never told Becks what Andrew had said, I just said that we had had a disagreement, afraid that telling her the truth would cause her stress, which was bad for the babies.

Before Becks could respond Alex came out of the house with the dogs. Spectrum and Moonlight. Their puppies were gone to there new homes now, joined by Dai's puppy Fey . Fey barked and Dai picked her up. "Are you excited to go see Adele girl?" Fey licked his face in response. "I think thats a yes" Laughed Alex. Dai gently laid Fey on the ground. "Race you back to the house!" Dai took off running and Alex followed. I stayed behind with Becks who's stomach was so big, she couldnt do much but waddle along after them. "How about you go make lunch for the kids and I will finish up here" Becks said. Only a few small things were left to be packed so I agreed and headed into the house.

Becks P.O.V

As soon as Jed walked into the house, I took out my cell and called Addy.
"Hey Addy! Its Becks. Is Andrew at your place with Anna?"
There was an awkward pause.
"Um, Andrew and Anna broke up a while ago... so he isnt here"
"Really? Ok, thanks Addy"

Andrew and Anna broke up? Then where is Andrew?
Being a mother I started to worry. I got in the car and started slowly driving around town, looking out for any sign of a boy with a shaved head of purple hair. I stopped in front of the grocery store and sighed as I turned off the car. I looked at the grocery store door and saw Andrew walking out, wearing an employee's apron and putting money in his wallet.

Andrew had a job? I waited until he had walked further away before turning on the car and following him. His next stop was a used clothing store. I parked the car out of the way, so I could see Andrew come out of the store. After about 5 minutes, he walked back out of the store with a bag of clothing.
That was weird, he had lots of clothes at home and Jed and I buy him whatever clothes he wants.

Once again, I waited until Andrew had walked away and started following him. His next stop was the local burger joint, where he picked up 2 super sized burger meals and a kids meal.
I assumed that the food was for him, Alex and Dai, but Andrew started walking the opposite way, towards the less fortunate side of town. I followed him down an old street, and then he disapered down an alley. I got out of the car and followed Andrew down the alley, making sure he didnt see me.

Suddenly, Andrew crouched down, and nudged what looked like a pile of old blankets. To my surprise, a young girl around Andrew's age crawled out of the blankets and Andrew lifted her up and kissed her. After the girl, a toddler boy came out, and Andrew picked him up and tossed him in the air, causing him and the girl to giggle. The little boy crawled over to the bag of stuff that Andrew had bought and pulled out the kids meal. Andrew handed a burger and fries to the girl and took one himself, and they ate silently. I watched it pure amazement.

So this is where Andrew had been going. He has been taking care of this girl and the little boy, who i assumed was her son. After they had finished eating, Andrew took the bag again, and handed a pile of blankets and clothing to the girl, and then turned to the little boy and gave him a teddy bear. The boy giggled with delight and played happily with his new toy.

"Thank you so much Andrew." The girl finally spoke up, her voice dry and cracked. "I don't know what Jacob and I would do without you." Andrew kissed the girl "Don't worry Alyssa, i'm ageing up in a few days and as soon as I do, Im coming to get you and Jacob so we can go to a new house and be happy." Andrew started to pack up to leave, but as he turned to go, Alyssa held onto him from the back. "Don't go yet!" She said despretley. Andrew gently pried her arms from around his waist and cupped her face in his hands. "I will be back tomorrow darling. I have to go home now though, Becks is probably wondering where I am."

I stepped out of my hiding place, and Andrew's face filled with shock. "M--Becks! What are you doing here!?" Alyssa was hiding behind him.
"Um, Ive been following you... and I just wanted to say that you can stay here with her, just make sure your home by 8 for your birthday."

"What!? But im not supposed to age up for another 2 days!"
"I know" I looked at Alyssa and Jacob "But obviously these two need you around more than me. Bring Alyssa and Jacob to your party if you want." Andrew had a huge grin plastered on his face. "Thanks so much mom!" Andrew gave me a hug.
I smiled. He called me mom and he hugged me. I was almost crying as I walked to the car.

I got home and almost immediately gave birth to 3 beautiful girls. Maggie, Lourdes and Jeanie


8 came quickly, and Andrew and Alex were stood up next to their cakes, ready to blow out the candles. Alyssa stood next to Andrew with Jacob in her arms.

Alex aged up into a stunning young man, with most of my features and blonde hair.
Andrew also aged up into a handsome young adult. Alyssa ran into his arms and he kissed her.

Dai also aged up into a beautiful teenager. He was definitely going to get lots of female attention with his shaggy purple hair and good looks. He didnt need it though, as long as Adele was around.

My girls, Maggie, Jeanie and Lourdes also aged into rambunctious werewolf toddlers, tearing up any furniture that was left here and howling.

Jed, Dai, the girls and I said good bye to Alex, Andrew, Alyssa and Jacob and we left for Sunlit Tides.


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When Im With You ~ Babies 21, 22 and 23 Part 1

"Wow! This house is huge! Do we really live here?" I laughed. "Yup! This is our house."if Jed takes us back"
One of the babies in my growing belly was kicking me like i was a soccer ball. Before I left Logans, I was impregnated again, with more of Logans babies, for my challenge. The doctor in Sunlit Tides said I was having triplets. I found myself smiling as I thought of Logan. At the end of the street I pulled into the driveway and carried an excited Dai into the house.

It was nice to see Dai so happy, because he was devastated about having to leave Adele and his new siblings, Chance and Mia behind (*Read about Becks in Logan Feys 100 baby challenge*) I only got him to come with me by pinkie promising that we would go back soon to visit them in Sunlit Tides.

I opened the door of the house and my ears were assaulted with the barking of alot of dogs. Jed yelled "Coming!" and scrambled down the stairs, stopping in his tracks when he saw me and Dai.

"Jed, this is Dai, your son. Dai, this is your dad." Jeds eyes filled with happiness and tears when Dai ran to him and jumped into his arms. Jed hugged Dai closely.

"Hey Dai, why don't you go up stairs and play with the puppies?" Dai ran up the stairs and I looked at Jed. "Puppies?" Jed laughed. "I guess we have some catching up to do."

Without saying anything, I ran into Jeds arms "I so sorry!" I sobbed into his shirt. Jed reached up and stroked my hair. "I missed you so much" Jeds voice cracked and he started to cry too. "I thought you were never coming back, that I was never going to see Dai"

I looked into his eyes "I'm so sorry Jed, I never should have left you, Andrew and Alex. I was so stupid! Can you ever forgive me?" to answer my question, Jed pulled me into a strong kiss.

"I was wrong too. I should have come to you right away! I should have known that you would never do anything like that! I'm so sorry I went to Eliza before I talked to you. I'm sorry for everything!" I kissed him again. " I forgive you Jed. I love you"

We hugged for a long time until Alex and Andrew walked into the room. "Mom? Hey" Alex gave me a simple greeting and casually left the room. I looked to Andrew, who glared at me before storming off.

"They hate me, don't they?" Jed sighed. "they don't hate you Becks, they just aren't used to you being around." I knew he was lying. The way Alex just brushed me off and Andrew looked at me with disgust, I knew that they would never be the same fun loving kids they used to be. I had wrecked their lives by leaving, everything they knew was gone.

I had left them without any explanation and just by looking at Jed, you could tell that he wasn't the same after I left either. His hair was longer and his beard was scruffy looking, and he was dressed in a simple white t-shirt and jeans.

I could see the empty beer bottles on the floor near the recycling bin. "Let's go lie on the couch, I'm sure you have more to talk about." Jed led me to the couch where we both sat down.

"Well," I started "I stayed in a hotel room in Lucky Palms, and while I was there, I met Cassandra, who had just had a baby from a one night stand, and while I was there, her boyfriend also proposed to her!" Jed smiled

"She told me about the baby but not the engagement! Thats great news!" "Yes, and right before I came home, I was in Logan Feys 100 baby challenge." Jed looked at me with a disappointed look. "Don't worry, it was AI (lies), and I had 2 little babies named Mia and Chance." I could tell that Jed was not comfortable with the fact that I had children with another man.

I nervously played with my hands in my lap. "There is something else I have to tell you" as if one que, one of the babies kicked me. "Im pregnant again with Logans babies, for my challenge." I blurted out quickly. Jed looked at me in shock, and I thought he was going to blow, but he didnt. He ran his hand through his hair.

"If your happy, I'm happy sweetie. Jed kissed me on the head. "But don't ever forget that your mine." I giggled "I don't think that you would let me forget" Jed scooped me up in his arms "Never"

he carried me to our bed, the whole way there planting kisses on my head.


"What Becks?" It was 10pm and I had just put Dai to bed.

"Could we move to Sunlit Tides? I would love to be more involved in my kids lives there, and I want my new babies to know their daddy. I really messed things up with Alex and Andrew" Jed looked at me concerned

"You never messed things up with the boys, they'll come around eventually. Would living in Sunlit Tides make you feel better? Would it make you happy?" "Yes and yes" I replied. "We can get a beautiful house on the beach with an amazing view of the ocean."

Jed smiled "Well then tomorrow we will go house hunting, but until then, you should get some rest" I cuddled into Jed's back, breathing in his familiar smell, and closed my eyes.

All of a sudden, it changed into a different smell. A sweet musky one, that smelled like fresh air and pine trees. "Logan?" I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes. The dim light of the moon through the windows revealed an empty room. I went to lay back down, but then I smelled it again. "Logan, are you here?" I was getting freaked out, so I went around the bed to wake up Jed, "Jed..." I shook him lightly and he made a low pitched groan.

I took a step back. Jed pulled the covers off of his head to reveal, it wasnt his head at all, but a head with messy light blonde hair, and a set of familiar glowing green eyes. "Becks, whats wrong?" Logan looked at me with genuine concern. I stared in shock "Logan! What are you doing here?" Logan looked at me confused and sat up in the bed. "We live here Becks. are you sure your ok?"

WE live here? I took another step back. "No... I live with Jed..." Logans eyes filled with hurt. "Becks, Jed's been gone for years now remember? We live together now, with our kids" The thought made me happy, Logan and I living in a big house with lots of kids..... together...... 

"No...."I whispered. This wasn't real. I ran towards the door and suddenly I was back in my room, sitting up in bed and gasping for air, Jed with his arms around me
"Becks! Are you ok" I looked into Jeds blue eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. "Yeah, i'm ok, it was just a dream."

Morning came quickly, and I walked into the office, still in my pyjamas, and holding a cup of coffee. "Hi mom!" Dai stopped his giggling to say hi. "Morning Dai, morning Adele. Adele waved into her camera. "Hi mama Becks!" I waved back.

"ADELE! I burnt the waffles.. is cereal ok for breakfast" Logan's voice came through the speakers and my heart skipped a beat. "Thats ok dad!" 

Adele yelled, before saying in a quieter voice to Dai "I don't even know why he still tries." "OK!" I heard Logan yell and my heart fluttered again.
Whats wrong with me? I rubbed my temples. Must be the coffee, I decided and went to get dressed.

While getting dressed I realized that my clothing was all too tight, so i changed into my maternity wear.
Jed walked into the bedroom, and i could swear that i saw a flash of sadness in his eyes when he looked at my baby bump.

"Ready to go looking for a house?"

Jed asked
"You bet!"

I gave him a quick peck on the lips and we left.


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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Marry You ♥

Lilly's P.O.V

The wedding was starting in an hour. All of the guests had arrived and Robin was talking with Alex, his best man, next to the arch. Alex had gotten ordained so he could perform the wedding ceremony for his best friend. 

I stood to the side, holding Stuart in my arms. He reached up to touch my face. "Momma piddy!" He exclaimed and I lowered his little hand so he wouldn't smudge my makeup. Aunt Natalie had spent hours on my hair and makeup, powdering up my face and weaving purple flowers into my flat-ironed hair. It looked beautiful.

I spotted Aunt Natalie talking to Grandma Becks. They were laughing, talking about Mom and Robin. 
"Remember that time when you caught them making out in the car?" Becks laughed

"And Robin's face turned red as a tomato? How could I forget! Alex said he was the joke of his unit for weeks after" Aunt Natalie laughed again and I heard Robin shout "I heard that!"

Grandpa Jed walked over to me and Stuie, avoiding contact with Becks. Mom had told me that they had a big fight and not to mention it, so I tried not to notice the awkwardness.

"Hi Lilly, Hey Stuie! How's my little man?" Jed waved to Stuie and he waved back.

"Hi Ganpa!" Stuie gargled. Jed laughed "He's growing up so fast Lilly!"
I smiled and bounced Stuart in my arms. "He sure is!"

Jed looked towards the rest of the crowd and I saw his eyes harden. I followed his gaze and saw that grandpa Logan had joined Aunt Natalie and Becks. "What's he doing here?" Jed huffed. "He's probably here because of me and Stuart." Jed gave me a confused look before looking back to Logan, who had wrapped his arms around Becks waist and was laughing with her and Natalie. Jed furrowed his eyebrows and grunted. 
"Bye Lilly" He said monotony and then walked off towards Robin and Alex.

 All of a sudden, the wedding march music started playing and we all ran and sat on the benches. I held Stuart on my lap and Leia-Rose and Lucas sat next to us. Becks and Logan sat across from us, and we all turned in our seats, looking for the bride.

First to walk out of the house were Natalie and Alex, the maid of honor and the best man. They both had huge smiles on their faces as they walked towards the wedding arch. Aunt Natalie looked absolutely beautiful. I loved her natural hair colour, it looked amazing with her deep purple eyes and matched her maid of honor dress perfectly.  Natalie took her place beside the arch and Alex smiled at a very nervous looking Robin before standing behind him.

Everyone stood to watch the beautiful bride and her proud father walk down the isle.
Mom was absolutely glowing, she looked like a princess. 

Aunt Natalie had spent hours and hours perfecting her best friends look for her wedding day. 
Im sure she made mom try on at least 30 dresses, but it all paid off. She looked stunning.
I think I heard Becks cry as Jed handed mom over to Robin. Mom kissed Jed on the cheek and he whispered something in her ear. She let out a small giggle and Jed went to stand beside the arch, opposite of Aunt Natalie. Mom and Robin held hands.

Alex did the intro and announced that the couple had written their own vows. Mom started.

"Robin Moreno, I have always looked out for the right man. I searched and searched, my mother searched, Natalie searched-" "HELL YEA I DID!" Aunt Natalie yelled "- everyone searched. Some days I'd send my cat outside to go see if for once she could drag a man back instead of pigeon heads and fluff, but unless I'd want to marry a squashed rat, it was unsuccessful.
But then one magical day, I found you. Lying in my mothers bathtub after slipping and falling in there. From then I loved you. I always will. Je t'aime. Je t'aime, mon autre part."

"Cassandra Best, I never thought my clumsiness would get me anywhere. I dropped my little brother's birthday cake, and my little brother. I stepped on my dates toes at prom and she left without me. When I slipped in your mom's bathtub, I thought that I had messed everything up again, but then you came in, and looked down at me with those beautiful green eyes, and i knew that you were the one. Mon belle, mon princesse, J'ai taime. 

 The happy couple gazed into each other's eyes slipped the rings onto the other's finger.

"Cassandra Best, Robin Moreno, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride... But save the rest for later!"
The crowd laughed and Robin pulled mom into a kiss. They were finally married.

The cake was delicious, I'm pretty sure Robin went back for thirds at least! I had some too and gave some to Stuart, not to much though, it was bedtime for him and Leia-Rose. I brought the two toddlers in and put them to bed. When I came back out, the tables and chairs had been replaced by a karaoke machine.

Natalie and Alex did their speeches they had prepared for the bride and groom. Everyone was doubled over laughing during Natalie's Maid of honor speech. It was compiled of all of the fun times her and my mom had together and the exact number of times Natalie had caught them making out somewhere. 
Alex finished his speech and walked up to the karaoke machine. "I would like to sing a song for my dearest Natalie, if thats ok with the bride and groom of course." Mom clapped "Yes! Go ahead!"

It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you

Is it the look in your eyes,or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares, baby I think I wanna marry you

Well, I know this little chapel
On the boulevard we can go
No one will know
Oh, come on girl
Who cares if we're trashed
Got a pocket full of cash we can blow
Shots of patron
And it's on, girl

 Don't say no, no, no, no, no
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And we'll go, go, go, go, go
If you're ready, like I'm ready

'Cause it's a beautiful night
We're looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you

Alex got down on one knee as he finished the song and Aunt Natalie screamed
Alex just smiled up at her and pulled out a little black box

Alex opened the box to reveal a shiny ring.
"I know you already answered my question, but Natalie Adella Windfield, will you marry me?

 Aunt Natalie was in tears as Alex slid the ring on her finger. "yes,yes,yes,yes,yes" Natalie whispered over and over.

She hugged him tightly. "I wasn't sure the first time, but I know now, without a doubt, that you Alexander Anders, are my one and only. I love you"

"I love you too baby" Alex said and everyone clapped and cheered.

While everyone was congratulating Natalie and Alex, I slipped around to the side of the house to get some peace.
"Uh...Hey Lilly" I turned around and there was Chris Windfield, my highschool crush and Stuie's father.

"Chris! What are you doing here!" I was in shock, I hadn't seen Chris since that night when...
"I had to come see you Lilly. I miss you"

My heart fluttered in my chest, but I stood my ground. "Why should I talk to you Chris? You got me pregnant and then you didn't come see me anymore? I thought that you loved me...." I trailed off, tears rolling down my face.

Chris' face saddened. "You don't know how much I regret everything Lil'. I tried to come see you and Stuart but my mom wouldn't let me leave and even if I managed to sneak away, your mom would never let me in to see you. She said that you didn't want to see me. I thought you hated me Lilly!"  I kept my head lowered. 

Chris looked down at me, his eyes brimming with tears.
"Im sorry, Lilly... I'm so sorry... I know you probably will never forgive me but i'm sorry Lil'"

"I love you and I always will, no matter what."
When I didn't respond, Chris started to back away. "Once I get a job I will try to send you some money to help with stu-"

I cut him off by planting a huge kiss on his lips.
"I love you too Chris" I choked out between my tears.
"I forgive you". 

I leaned into Chris' chest and a slow song started to play in the back yard. He wrapped his arms around me and we gently swayed back and forth.

Always walking straight home 
Like the other good girls do 
Careful what you wish for 
It could never be like you 

It's not the right thing baby 
Bu t the right thing suits so few 
Let's take the other road baby 
Cause it looks so good on you 

So hold on tight, 
It's gonna be a wild wild ride 
And tonight, you won't need your wings to fly 
Cause angels got a lot to lose 

So hang on tight, 
I'm gonna make you come to life 
And when your there, 
You won't need to say your prayers 

Cause heavens gonna wait for you ~ 


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