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Where's Mom? ~ New Beginnings Chapter 1

*Authors note: Omg, finally LOL This post was supposed to be a new years post but i scrapped it. Here is the official Chapter 1 of  New Beginnings (I had no idea what else to call it) I hope you enjoy! Anyways, on with the show


Becks P.O.V


"Ugh" I moaned "Stupid alarm clock"
Without opening my eyes, I reached out my arm to shut off the alarm.

Wait... I didn't have an alarm clock...

The beeping continued at a steady pace, and I opened my eyes.
I was in a small white room. To my left was a heart monitor, which i realized was attached to me.
I sat up quickly and pain shot through my head. The monitor started to beep faster as a wave of panic washed over me.


I tried to calm my breathing, but to no avail.
Suddenly i could hear foot steps coming towards me.
I quickly lay back down, causing another jolt of pain to my head, and closed my eyes.

"Hmmm that's strange..."
A voice hummed.
 "Her breathing patterns clearly indicated that she was awake."
"Should we put her out again?"
a second, female sounding voice joined in.
"Its probably best, get the needle."
Needle? I almost screamed, but I wouldn't dare move or open my eyes.
A sharp pain jabbed my arm, but before I could let out a yelp, my limbs went numb and I fell back into a  dark, dreamless sleep.


Dai's P.O.V

"Ok Dai, don't panic, you've got this under control." I told myself as I paced the living room floor.
I had gone downstairs to get mom for breakfast because the twins were screaming, and she wasn't there. The bed was still unmade, and her slippers were gone from their usual spot by her bed, indicating that she had gotten up.

I went out to the nursery to see if she had waken up to tend to Mason or Tom, and fell asleep in the rocking chair. The chair was empty and the boys were in their cribs screaming at the top of their lungs for their mom, who was not coming.

I brought the boys downstairs and strapped them in their high chairs. While they were messily eating their cereal, I searched the rest of the house. It was empty except for Lourdes, Jeanie and Maggie who were still sleeping.

I went back and took the boys out of the now sticky highchairs, making a mental note to bathe them later.
"DAI! WHERE IS MOM!" Maggie yelled, running into the kitchen wearing her clothes for school.

"Uh mom is... Gone out to get something somewhere." I said quickly and she regarded me strangely.

"Well get me breakfast! I have school in like, 10 minutes!"
A quick glance at the clock confirmed that it was 10 to 8

"Go wake up your sisters and I will make you breakfast." Maggie rushed up the stairs and I quickly popped some toast in the toaster and poured up 3 glasses of orange juice.
Jeanie and Lourdes sleepily followed Maggie down the stairs, yawning and rubbing their eyes.

"Quick quick! The bus will be here soon!" Maggie directed her sisters to the table and did their hair while they sleepily ate their toast.

"Maggie my hair is fine!" Complained Jeanie who pulled her hair out of the hasty braid her sister had put in it.
All three girls managed to get out the door just as the bus got here, and I was left to clean up their mess and tend to the twins.

Before I knew it, it was five 'o clock in the evening and I was exhausted. The twins were napping and I was just about to nap myself, when I remembered.
I had a date with Adele tonight!!
I quickly jumped off the couch and into some nice clothes, brushed my teeth, and grabbed the small black box I had been hiding under my pillow since Adele aged up.

As soon as the babysitter got to the house I drove across the street to pick up Adele for our date.
Adele was wearing a beautiful flowy dress and heeled boots. She had her curled hair pinned up, the way she knew I liked it best.

She got into the car and I leaned over and kissed her.
"Hey Dai"
"Hey Beautiful"
I kissed her again and she giggled.
"Well your quite the romantic tonight, Dai"

I smiled.
"Thats because tonight its just you and me"
"And not my dad"
"And not your dad" we both laughed.

Last night at my party when I aged up, I had been looking forward to spending time with Adele. The problem was, somehow, no matter where we went in the house to kiss, Logan always found us and broke it up.
We held hands in silence the rest of the way to our destination, a lovely boardwalk park in the center of town. The main attraction of the park was a 60 foot high viewing platform with a telescope.
We walked hand in hand down the board walk in the fading light.
"Do you believe in God Adele?"
Adele looked up from the ground and looked into my eyes.
"Yes, I do"
"Do you believe he picked out the perfect name for you?"
Adele's dark green eyes searched mine and her brow furrowed.
"I guess so, I mean I never really liked my name, but I believe that God chose it for me."

I gripped her hand tighter.
"You know, the letters in everyone's names have a special meaning. I can tell you yours if you want?"
Adele smiled.
"Sure, Dai, I would love that."
"Well," I began, turning around to face her holding both her hands in mine.
"The A stands for Adele, plain and simple, and the D stands for Dai."
Adele blushed and she looked at her feet.

"E stands for Eternally. L for Loving. E for Eachother. A, D, E, L, E. Adele and Dai eternally loving eachother."
Adele smiled one of those smiles I love so much and looked into my eyes again.
"Thats so sweet Dai!"
I kissed her and lead her towards the viewing platform.

"There is one more thing I want to show you." I smiled and she followed me up the stairs.
When we finally got to the top, Adele wrapped her arms around my neck and I gently held her waist with my hands. Our breathing was still heavy from the climb and the cool air felt good on my skin.

"The stars are beautiful here Dai!"  Adele kissed me and I pulled away.
"Dai?" Adele started to say but stopped when I went down on one knee.
"Oh my..." Adele stood speechless as I pulled the black box out of my jacket pocket.

"Adele, ever since I first met you, when we were toddlers, you made my heart flutter like butterfly wings, and I could never understand why.

 As we grew older, I realized that I didn't want to be just friends with someone who made me feel so happy and light. That first day we kissed, at the beach, even though we were just kids,  I knew I wanted to be with you forever. 

I needed you, my beautiful fairy princess, in my life until the end of time. The whole time we were teens, my love for you only grew stronger, and when we shared ourselves with each other that night I had never been happier.

I know we already discussed this, but I want to make it official. 
Adele, will you marry me?"
Adele's hands flew to her face and tears ran from her eyes. I opened the box to reveal a beautiful engagement ring, a gold band with a magnificent diamond set in it. 
She pried a hand away from her face and I delicately slid the ring on her finger.

Without even stopping to admire the jewel, she fell into my arms and our lips locked together, mine made to fit seamlessly into hers. 
"Yes. Forever yes. I love you Dai" Adele broke away long enough to whisper her response into my ear and we kissed again, our love burning brighter than the stars in the sky.



Mia's shout and the slam of the door made Adele and I jump away from each other where we were making out on the couch.

"Mia! Shouldn't you be in bed?"
Mia placed her hands on her hips.

"It's only 9:30 Dai, I'm not two years old"
Adele raised her eyebrow and I sighed.
"So? Where is my mom?"
I was about to say she was just upstairs, but then I remembered.

"Ummmm I don't really know......"
Adele looked at me concerned and Mia's eyes widened.

Maggie, Jeanie and Lourdes ran down the stairs.

"What does Mia mean? Did you really loose mom!?"
Maggie exclaimed and Lourdes crossed her arms.

"How come Mia doesn't have to go to bed at 8?"
I ran a hand through my hair.

"I really don't know what happened to her or where she is. She was gone when I woke up but I didn't say anything because I thought she would have been home by now! I don't know what to do!"
I almost broke down in tears and Adele wrapped her arms around my waist.

"Did you call my dad and aunt Chloe yet? Maybe she went to visit them?"
Adele slipped my phone out of my pocket and dialed the number to the cabin where Logan and Chloe were staying.
"Hey dad! Is Becks there with you? No.... No everything's fine! Yup, positive. Love you too, bye."
Adele closed the phone with a frown.
"Nope, they haven't seen her since they left."

I buried my face in my hands before calling the only other person I could think of, my sister Cassandra.
"Hey Cassy, its me, Dai. Yeah, um well... Mom is missing. No I didn't call the police yet. Ok, see you soon."
"Cassandra and Robin are coming."
I said and Lourdes walked up to me, tears in her green eyes. I lifted her into my arms and hugged her.
"Don't worry. We will find mom"



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