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The Wedding, Part One: New Love

Becks' P.O.V.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching the Monte Vista International Airport, local time is 10:00am and the weather is a beautiful 27 degrees and sunny. As we start our descent, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Please turn off all electronic devices until we are safely parked at the gate. Thank you."
"Becks, wake up, we're almost there."

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Neil looking at me, gently shaking me awake with his hand on my shoulder. I straightened my chair back and fastened my seatbelt like the announcement said, then reached over and placed my hand on Neils. He clasped it and smiled at me. We had been 'dating' for about 2 weeks now, but Eliza was the only one that knew. We had decided to keep it from my kids and Logan until we got back from the wedding.

I wasn't worried about my kids being upset. They all loved Neil and would be thrilled to have him around more. Actually, I didn't know what I was worried about. Logan would be peeved, but he would get over it. He was my best friend, and he could never be too mad at me for long. Neil must have guessed what I was thinking about, because he leaned over and kissed my head. 
"Don't worry about it now." He murmured. "You have lots of time before we get home to decide how you want to tell them." I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder.
"I guess you're right."
"Becka!" Eliza squealed as I stepped out of the taxi. She ran to me and squished me in a hug. "You look great! I still can't believe you have 28 kids!" I laughed. 

“I can’t either sometimes, you look great too!” We hugged again. Neil came up beside me, carrying our suitcases. “Eliza, this is Neil.” I said, and Neil laid down one of the suitcases and extended his arm to shake her hand.
“Nice to meet you.” He said, with his always charming voice. Eliza dismissed his outstretched hand and engulfed him in a hug too. His surprised look made me giggle. Eliza saw me and gave me a mock stern look.
"Now did you really think I was going to greet me little sisters boyfriend with a handshake!" She grinned. Neil picked back up the suitcase.
"Where do you want me to put these?" He asked, adjusting his grip on the handles.
"Oh yeah right!" Eliza exclaimed. "Let me show you to your rooms! You're going to love them!" Eliza excitedly headed towards the villa.
"She's a tad bit... excitable isn't she?" Neil chuckled. I laughed too
"Yeah, that's Eliza for ya'." I said, and we followed her into the villa.
"Ok, follow me, the rooms are all in kinda separate little buildings. The main floors are just lounge areas, and the whole second floor is a bedroom." We walked up the stairs into the first room.
"This is your room Becks, I hope it's ok." 
"Its perfect Eliza! Thanks!" I exclaimed, looking around the room. Neil laid my bag on the bed.
"No problem. I couldn't have my maid of honor sleeping at a cheap hotel. Now Neil, your room is the next building over, unless you guys, ya know, wanna sleep together?" Eliza looked at us with a raised eyebrow and we both blushed.
"No, separate rooms are fine Eliza. Thank you." I said, noting her teasing smile.
We visited Neil's room, which was much like mine, and then went down to the courtyard.
"Oh yeah, where's Darwin?" I asked Eliza.
"He's Back at the house. He says he isn't feeling well but really I think it's nerves, His family is also coming today, so he is probably nervous about that too."
I nodded.
"Anyways, I'll leave you guys be now. I will be back after lunch to pick you up for fittings!"
After lunch, like she said, Eliza picked Neil and I up and drove us to the bridal shop for fittings. Darwin was there waiting and introduced himself to Neil before taking him to the men's part of the shop to have vests and pants fitted. Eliza and I went into the main area.
"The dressing rooms are already set up! Yours is over there." Eliza directed me to the dressing room furthest to the left, and I went in and got undressed. I unzipped the dress bag and put on the beautiful dress that was hanging inside.
I admired myself in the mirror for a few minutes, half twirling, and smoothing the fabric with my hands. I guess I had been in there longer than I thought, because Eliza started banging on the wall, snapping me out of my trance.
"Becks, you've been in there for at least 10 minutes! Are you stuck?" Eliza asked through the wall.
"What- No, I'm ok."
"Well why don't you come out already? I'm dying to see it!"
I slid back the curtain and stepped out into the main room. Eliza was outside waiting for me, along with Neil and Darwin, who were dressed up in their suits.
"OH MY GOSH!" Eliza squealed, rushing over to examine me closer. "You look like a princess!"
I smiled slightly.
"Thank you Eliza, it's a beautiful dress!" I said, gently straightening out the pleats with my hands.
Eliza stepped back and neil came up to me, smiling sweetly and taking my hands in his.
"You look stunning." He said, kissing my forehead and causing me to blush slightly.
"And one might say that you look quite handsome yourself." I replied, reaching up to adjust the collar of his shirt. 
We were interrupted by Eliza letting out a loud "Awwwwe!"
"You two are adorable!" She gushed. "But we need to get going! Becks, if you can pry yourself away from your boyfriend for an hour or two, I want you to come with me to check out the venue! Neil, you can go with Darwin and do guy stuff or whatever."
"Sure!" I exclaimed "Just let me change out of this dress ok?" Eliza laughed.
"Ok but don't take 10 minutes this time!"
The drive to the venue was beautiful. Monte Vista had this rustic charm that couldn't be imitated.
The venue itself was so stunning, you had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren't dreaming. I knew Eliza wasn't a chapel kind of girl, but I had expected something over the top and luxurious. This was exactly the opposite. 

 The area for the ceremony was lined with ancient columns, and framed with flowers. The simple white folding chairs were adorned with delicate baby blue bows, and a grand piano sat at the end of the isle.

 The reception area was no less eye catching. The same chairs from the ceremony were placed around small white bistro tables, with a larger table set aside in the middle for the bride and groom. The area was nestled under a couple of arbors, tangled with vines and sparkling white lights. 

An area of natural paving stones had been set aside for dancing, once again framed with flowers growing up around ancient stone columns. A small makeshift DJ booth was set up at one end, and hanging from column to column were more sparkling lights. 
"Eliza it's amazing! I can't believe you're getting married here!"
"I can't either..." Eliza chuckled nervously. "I mean, we have been engaged forever, but getting married? I don't know it just seems like such a big step, so many things are going to change."
I looked at her surprised. My sister, Eliza, nervous? I don't think i'd ever seen her like that before.
"You're not having second thoughts about marriage, are you?"
"What? No!" Eliza declared. "It's just after marriage... Well you know how the rhyme goes..."
"Wait, so you are worried Darwin is going to want kids once you're married?" I asked, and Eliza looked away. 
"Well he always talks about it, and I just don't know if kids are my cup of tea." I reached out and gave her a hug.
"Don't worry about it! You don't have to have kids, i'm sure Darwin would understand, and still love you. Plus kids aren't that bad, trust me, I have 28!" We both laughed.
"But seriously," Eliza said. "You think I would be a good mom?"
"Of course!" I assured her. "After all, you are an awesome sister, so it's not that big of a stretch." Eliza smiled.
We strolled around the venue for a bit longer, taking in the sights, and laughing. 
"We should probably get going." Eliza said, checking the time. When she dropped me back off at the villa, she stopped. "Remember," she said "Rehearsal is at 10 tomorrow morning! Don't be late!"
"I won't!" I promised, and she drove away.
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Mac and Cheese: New Beginnings Chapter 9

Becks' P.O.V

We had been in the new house for 2 months now. Tom, Mason and Paige were settled into school and pre-school, and Angel and Dustin were growing in leaps and bounds. Logan visited every other day to see his babies. Him and his family had settled into their new house as well. Neil had also moved into a small house on the street, and visited almost every day. He had gone back to his job with the secret services, but was sticking with more domestic cases.

I had also RSVP'd to Eliza's wedding, and we had been exchanging emails periodically. My computer binged. A new message. I put Dusty in his jumper,  where he happily reached for the colorful animals and cooed.

I sat at the computer and clicked on the new message:

Hi Becks!

How are you? The wedding is getting so close, I'm so excited. I picked out the bridesmaid dresses today. I attached a pic of yours, the others look exactly the same but are shorter.
What do you think of the color?

Love, Eliza.

I double clicked the image file to download it to my computer. I opened the file. The dress was a strapless, baby blue, floor length gown with a crossover bodice and sweetheart neckline. It also had a golden beaded belt around the waist. I smiled. It was so Eliza.

I hit reply.

Dear Eliza,

The dress is beautiful! I can tell you picked it out. I'm getting excited too! I'm booking my ticket tomorrow!
See you soon!

Love, Becks.

As I hit the send button, Tom, Mason and Paige came in the house. "Hi mom!" Tom said as he passed me, tossing his book bag on the floor. Mason followed and did the same. Paige ran up to me and climbed up on my lap.

"Hi mommy!" She exclaimed excitedly. "We painted pictures in class today, look!" Paige pulled out a piece of paper from her book bag, that was covered in tiny paint handprints.

"Its so pretty! How about we put it up on the wall?" I suggested. Paige's little face beamed with a smile.

"Yes please mommy!" She bounced on my lap. I grabbed some sticky tack from the drawer in the desk, and Paige led me out into the living room.
"Right there!" Paige instructed, pointing to the empty space on the wall where she wanted her picture to be placed. I stuck it to the wall and stepped back.

"Its perfect!" I picked Paige up and hugged her as she giggled.

*bing!* The computer binged again, and I let Paige down to check my email.


I knew you would like it! We will go together to get it fitted when you arrive! Did I mention yet how excited I was?
Oh yeah, I forgot to ask...
Are you bringing a date?


A date. I instantly thought of Neil. But were we dating? Since we kissed two months ago, we had been a bit closer, but we really hadn't talked about what our relationship was. Sure there was the hand holding, cuddling on the couch and the occasional playful kiss on the cheek, but label wise, nothing official. Asking him to take time off work to come with me to my sisters wedding in another country seemed like a big step relationship wise, that I'm not sure either of us are ready to take.

 On the other hand, I could ask Logan to come as my friend, but he has his kids to take care of and I can't take him away from his kids. Also, if I took Logan, who would take care of my kids? I couldn't ask Neil to take time off from his job just to babysit. I leaned forward in my chair and closed my eyes. The whole ordeal was giving me a headache.

To make matters worse, Angel started shrieking through the baby monitor from the nursery where she was taking a nap. Dusty had fallen asleep in his jumper, and I quickly switched off the monitor so not to wake him up, not that it mattered, he could pretty much sleep through anything.

I stood up and made my way upstairs to check on Angel, who I could still hear screaming from the ground floor.
"I thought Logan said this house was soundproof" I muttered, following the piercing shrieks of my baby all the way to the nursery door. When I opened the door, I saw her sitting up in her crib, sobbing and screeching. "Its ok Angel, mommy is here now. What's wrong?" I picked her up out of the crib and held her against my chest. She quickly stopped sobbing.

 "You just wanted your momma huh?" I said to her. "Well lets go back downstairs with your brother, shall we?" I shifted her to my hip and went back downstairs, where Dustin was still asleep in his jumper. I sat Angel down in her boppy chair, making sure she could still see me, and sat back down at the computer.

Eliza's email was still on the screen. I hit reply.


I can't wait to try it on! I'm excited too!
On the topic of a date... I'm not sure yet. But I will get back to you on that.


I sent the message and almost instantly Eliza replied.


Im sure you will find someone ;) If not, I can hook you up with one of my friends, wouldn't want you to come alone!

Eliza xoxo

I chuckled. Eliza, forever the older sister.

I looked over and noticed that Angel was asleep in her boppy. I lifted her out of it, and Dustin, still sleeping, out of his jumper. I carried them both up to the nursery and carefully laid them in their cribs. When I was sure they wouldn't wake up, I tiptoed out of the room and quietly closed the door. Paige was waiting outside.

"Mommy, I'm hungry." She whined, tapping her little foot. I looked at the clock. It was almost 4:30pm, time to start making supper.

"What do you want for supper Paigaroo?" I asked, even though I knew exactly what she was going to say.

"Mac and cheese!" She grinned, bouncing up and down.

"Again?" I asked. "We had mac and cheese last night?"

"Yes again!" She insisted. I laughed.

"Fine, but you have to help me make it!"

We went downstairs to start making mac and cheese, for the third night in a row.


"Ok guys, time for bed." Tom and Mason were playing video games in the living room.

"But moooom!" They said in unison.

"No buts! Both of you, to bed! You have school tomorrow!" The boys both grumbled as they shut off the gaming system and went up the stairs to bed.

I walked out into the living room and lay on the couch. My eyes slowly closed. Every time I thought about my date for the wedding, the headache came back. After I had married Jed, I thought my worrying about dating and who to bring to parties was over. Never had it even crossed my mind that He wouldn't be here with me.

 I looked at the small framed picture of him and I that I kept on the end table. I didn't want to at first, but Neil insisted that I put it up. He didn't think it was healthy for me to try and forget Jed completely, and argued that Tom and Mason should at least have one picture of their father to look at.

Neil. He had been so good to me and my kids. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. He understood loss in a way that Logan never could, and never pushed me to do anything I didn't want to do, unless it was to my benefit. He would make a great boyfriend. I looked back at the picture of Jed, and the headache returned. I dont know if I will ever be ready to move on.

I sat up when I heard the front door open. Getting up from the couch, I saw Neil in the porch, taking off his jacket.

"Hey. Sorry im here so late, I just got home." He said quietly. I smiled and gave him a hug.

"Its alright. The kids are all asleep now, do you want to stay for a bit?"

"Of course!" Neil replied. "Do you have any food? I haven't eaten since lunch."  I laughed

"Sure, if you don't mind having mac and cheese."

"Again?" Neil chuckled "Why not."


Neil finished eating and we walked together to the living room. Neil flopped down on the couch, and I looked down at him, not noticing my face forming a small frown.
Neil looked at me, concerned.
"What's wrong?" He asked, motioning for me to lie down with him.

I lay with my head on his chest and closed my eyes.
"Neil, what are we?"
Neil raised an eyebrow at my question.

"What do you mean?" He asked. I raised my head to look him in the eyes.

"What I mean is, are we just friends, or are we... more than that?"
Neil smiled.

"I would like to think we are more than that... That is, if you would like to think that too?"
I smiled back.

"Yeah. That would be nice."
I thought I felt Neil let out a relieved sigh, and I lay my head back on his chest.

"On that note, how would you feel about going to my sisters wedding in Monte Vista with me in a few weeks? I know its kinda sudden and you have work and-"
Neil cut me off.

"That sounds amazing. Don't worry about my work, they owe me some vacation time anyways. I would love to go with you."

I lifted my head again and smiled at him. "Its a date." I said playfully.

"Its a date." Neil leaned forward and pecked me on the lips.

 I lay my head on his chest again, and found this time when I closed my eyes, I fell asleep.


When I woke up, Neil was gone, and so was my headache. I stretched and walked over to the computer and opened my email.


I thought you might like to know that I will not be needing your matchmaking services this time. I have a date for your wedding!

Can't wait!



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Almost Anything: New Beginnings Chapter 8

Becks P.O.V

"So you're telling me." Logan said slowly "That the same alien that abducted you broke into your house and tried to take Paige, but Neil showed up and SHOT AT IT while Paige was right there, BLEW A HOLE in the wall of the BEAUTIFUL house that I built for you, and chased the alien off into the night?"

"Thats right." I replied, conveniently leaving out the part where Neil and I kissed.

Logan rolled his eyes.
"When that mauve popsicle crawls back here I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. He is the reason this country needs gun laws. Poor Paige is going to have nightmares. I'M going to have nightmares!"

Logan glanced out the window across the street to my house, where a small fire still burned in the hole in my bedroom wall. He shuddered.

"Logan, I can't stay here in Sunlit Tides. Its not safe." I said fearfully, picturing my baby girl in the arms of that evil alien.
Logan softly bit his lip and furrowed his brow, before standing up from the chair.

"Well wherever your going, I'm coming with you." He stated. "I can't leave you, or my babies under the care of Neil. That dipwad is insane!"

"But Logan-"

"No buts! I'm taking my family and coming with you. I don't even like this place that much anymore." Logan's eyes flashed a pained look, but quickly went back to normal.

"Well when Neil comes back... If he comes back... We can figure out where we are going to go."

"Neil-shmiel, I know exactly where we are going to go!" Logan said excitedly, and ran off into the house.
When he came back he was carrying a brochure.
"Here! Midnight Hollow!"

It's Rarely Sunny in Midnight Hollow!

Hello there friend,

Are you sick of feeling out of place?

Sick of feeling bad that there's no one around like you?
Sick of those smiling neighbors telling you to enjoy the "sunset" in the "valley?"

Then come to Midnight Hollow where it's good to be one of a kind!

Following the description were many photos of ...odd looking people. Werewolves, vampires, witches, fae and just generally people who would never go unnoticed or unjudged in general society, living their lives in peace and happiness

"Logan.... This place is perfect! Paige would blend right in!"

"Exactly!" Logan enthused. "No more 'Its 1am why are you grilling steaks' or 'your daughter ate my lawn gnome for the 5th time' or 'what the heck are you doing in my garbage bin'!"

"Um yeah... That too." I glanced out the window at Logans neighbors garden, and saw the spaces where five tiny gnomes should have been.

Suddenly, there was a series of very loud knocks on the door.

Logan sighed. "I'll get it"
As he walked away, I heard him yell: "If this is about your chihuahua I assure you Ms. Jenkins, I haven't seen it!"

The door opened and I heard the sound of claws and teeth sliding out of their sheaths.
"You." Logan snarled.

"Um, is Becks here?" Neil's voice quavered. I hopped out of my seat and made my way to the porch as quickly as I could.

"Neil!" I engulfed him in a hug, earning another snarl from Logan. "Are you ok? Did you catch him?"

Neil ran a hand through his dirty lavender hair.
"No... I couldn't catch him... I'm so sorry..." He sighed, looking defeated. "He had reinforcements and I had no back up. But I managed to drive them away, for now."

Logan scoffed.
"Whats the good of you if you cant even do your job?" He pointed a claw at Neil's neck. "I vote we be done with you now, just like that stupid yappy dog."

"LOGAN!" I yelled. grabbing his extended arm. "If it wasn't for Neil, that alien would have taken Paige and I and done who knows what with us. You are under no circumstances, to harm him. Are we clear?"

Logan let out a low growl. "Fine. But the whole deals off if you get hurt because of him."
He lowered his arm and retracted his claws.
He looked at Neil and sighed. "Come in." he said through bared fangs.

Neil nervously walked with us to the living room, and sat next to me on the couch across from Logan.

"So." Logan started, "What's your plan, Mr. Secret Agent?"

"Well, I elect we take Becks and her entire family to an underground secret government facility. You can stay there until we find the aliens again and eliminate them for good."

"What?!" I exclaimed. "Thats crazy! I'm not taking my whole family and going into hiding!"

Neil sighed. "I figured you would say that, but unless you have a better idea, i'm afraid we have no choice."

"Actually." Logan said, picking up the brochure for Midnight Hollow and passing it to Neil. "We do."

Neil carefully examined the brochure.
"This... This just might be crazy enough to work! You can hide with your family in plain sight! But I have to warn you... There is no guarantee that you will be completely safe."

"Thats a risk i'm willing to take for my freedom." I squeezed Neils hand and Logan gave us a look of disgust.

"Ok." He said. "I will have it arranged for you to move there and get you a house asap."

"Actually... " Logan interrupted. "I've got the house thing covered." He handed me a picture of a beautiful two story house.

"Logan..." I said, shocked. "You did this for me?"

Logan blushed a bit. "Yeah, I've been planning this move for a while now. The outside is finished but the inside still needs a bit of work. I can have it done in a week, tops."

A huge smile grew on my face and I tackled Logan with a hug.
"What would I do without you?" I asked, still smiling.

"Live underground in a secret facility while this idiot tries to kill an alien who is after you and your daughter?" Logan stated matter of factly, motioning to Neil who looked away from us.

"Yeah..." I responded, the smile fading from my face.

I spun around to see Maggie, Lourdes and Jeanie. Their faces shadowed with sadness.

"What? What's wrong?" I exclaimed, walking over to them.

"Mom we heard you talking with Dad and Neil about moving... And we decided we want to stay here."

Hearing my girls request. My eyes started to well up with tears.

"Momma" Jeanie said gently, hugging me. "We have lives here, and friends. We can't leave, mom."

"I- I understand." I sniffled, and the three girls smiled at me and Neil wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"Before you go though, let me throw you guys a birthday party!" Logan enthused, and the girls cheered. I smiled, but I still felt empty inside. My girls were leaving, and I had to let them go.


Maggie, Jeanie and Lourdes aged up into beautiful young adults


"Logan are we lost? This is nowhere near where you told Neil to meet us."
I looked at the map, and to Logan in the drivers seat, who was laughing through his nose.
My eyes widened.
"You gave him the wrong address?!?"

"Maybe... But look, we're here!"

We pulled up to the house Logan had showed me in the picture. It was just as magnificent in person. Neil's truck was already in the driveway.

"What? How did he get here?" Logan grumbled.

I got out of the vehicle, and Neil got out of his truck. We met halfway, and he engulfed me in a hug.

"Hey! I was worried you guys weren't going to get here!" He nodded and acknowledged Logan, standing cross armed behind me. "The directions you gave me were wrong, I didn't know if you just messed up on where you thought the house was or-"

Logan cut him off. "I don't 'mess up" Logan said matter of factly,

"I beg to differ." I smirked, and Logan frowned.

"Im going to go get Angel and Dusty out of the car." He stalked off towards the car.

"Neil will help you!" I gently shoved Neil in Logans direction, and he followed him to the car.


"Wow!" I exclaimed, walking into the house. The inside was even more magnificent than the outside. From the entry way, I could see a lovely breakfast nook, and the entrance to the living room. In front of us was a staircase that led up to the kitchen.

"Logan, its great! I love it!" Logan laid Dusty, who was still asleep in his carrier, down on the floor, and walked up beside me.

"I knew you would! It's amazing!" He said proudly. "Just wait until you see the bedrooms!" Logan started to lead me upstairs when Angel started crying.

"Um, Becks? I think she wants to be taken out of her carrier." Neil said. He was still holding the carryer, rocking it slightly in an attempt to get Angel to stop crying.

"Yeah, she doesn't really like that thing. Just take her out and carry her in your arms."
Neil laid down the carrier and picked up Angel. She continued to screech.

"Um Becks?" Neil said anxiously. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Have you ever held a baby before? Here." I led him to the couch, where we both sat down.
"Ok, now just put your hand under her bum to hold her up. Let her tuck in her knees, she still likes to be curled up, and put you hand on her back- yeah just like that! There, she should be better now."
Sure enough, Angel calmed down and stopped crying. Neil looked amazed.

"Woah, she stopped crying. You're a natural!" He exclaimed.
I laughed.

"Well, its not like this is my first time." Angel let out a soft snore, she had fallen asleep in Neil's arms.
"Aww, I think she likes you, Neil!" I said quietly.


"Pfft." Logan, who had been watching disgustedly as Neil held Angel, scoffed. "She is probably just exhausted because you stressed her out when you held her wrong." Neil frowned. "Come on Becks, I still need to show you the second story."

"Oh right!" I got up from the couch. "Neil, can you stay here and watch the babies while we finish the house tour?" Neil nodded yes, so not to wake angel.

"Great!" Logan said. "Now lets go!"

The first room upstairs was the master bedroom. It was big and spacious, with a small sitting area to the right of the bed, and a door to the master bath across the room.

From there we went into the master bathroom, which also shared a door with the hall so it could be used as the main bath for the second floor as well. It was equipped with a bath, sink and toilet, and the walls were painted a calming shade of lavender.

We left the bathroom and crossed the hallway into the girls room. It had three single beds, a reading nook, an easel, and was painted a bright yellow. 

Right across the hallway from the girls room was the boys room. It also had three single beds, and a place to hang out and play video games. The room was decorated in an Adventure Time theme, with bright colors and patterns. 

We walked down the hallway to the final room upstairs, and Logan stopped me. 

"Ok, close your eyes, this last one is a surprise!" He said enthusiastically.
I rolled my eyes.

"Do I really have to?"

"Yes!" Logan pouted.

"Fine." I closed my eyes and let Logan lead me into the final room.

"Ok, go ahead and open your eyes!"

 I opened my eyes and looked around. The last room was a nursery. The room had two sections, one for toddlers and one for babies, each filled with toys and other things for babies and toddlers to play with. Everything was jungle themed. 

"OH MY GOSH! Its so cute!" I exclaimed, going around the room examining everything.
Everything was perfect.
"Logan, its...its..." I started to cry.

Logan rushed over and hugged me. "What's wrong? Do you not like it?"
I laughed a bit through my tears.

"No, the house is perfect. I'm just- so happy. You didn't have to do any of this for me, but you did, and it means so much to me right now."
Logan smiled slightly.

"Of course I had to help you out. You're one of my best friends, I would do almost anything for you!"

"Almost anything? What does that mean?" I smirked, wiping away my tears.

"Well," Logan stopped to think. "I wouldn't let you eat all of my pizza and ice cream or anything crazy like that." We both laughed. "Now, lets get back to Neil. Hopefully the babies haven't driven him insane yet." We laughed again, and headed back downstairs.


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