Friday, 30 March 2012

~Dwelling Request~

Hey! if you follow my 100 baby challenge, you would know that Becks has had 4 or 5 different houses by now -.- 
this is simply because my attempts to make them an interesting house always turns out looking like a shoe box (similar to my real house lol)
so i was wondering if any of you lovely simmers out there would mind making Becks and Jed a house to use in their challenge!
I have some requirements:
Purple... Lots of purple ^_^
2 kids rooms with 5 beds each 
master suite
Nursery with room for 5 cribs
butlers room
pet room
skills room

I know, I know, alot, but my standards arnt that high (i just dont want a shoe box!)

i would prefer no cc and i have:
base game (duh!)
world adventures
late night
outdoor living stuff
master suite stuff
all the store content (arrgh MATY)

if you know of anywhere else (forums, blogs) that i could post this i will love you guys for ever!!!!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Baby's 14, 15, 16 & 17

Becks P.O.V

Birthday Time! The four teens are doing great in school, and Ali knew all her skills, so i decided to let them age up.
Cole and Anna along with their imaginary friends (or should i say dates) aged up into fine young adults.
Anna and Puzzle
 Cole and Abbey

Ali aged up into a sweet fun loving little girl who loves being outdoors and anything to do with horses

so naturally, like any good mother would, I got her a horse.
being the only kid in the house, she didnt have much to do.

while Ali was outside, me and Jed got down to business making babies :)

Ali's P.O.V
Horses are so much work, but I dont mind. I love Boogie and he loves me right back, even after i clean his hooves!
 I feed Boogie a carrot and stroked his neck "be home soon!" I whispered in his ear, before running down the path to the beach.
 Building sandcastles makes me feel so peaceful, like the world dosnt exist.
 I love the feeling of the sand between my fingers, cool and soft.
 "weeee!" I yell as I throw a handful of sand into the air for the wind to carry away.
  After a while I stopped playing in the sand to finish my homework, and couldnt help but think."will i ever have kids to bring to the beach and play?" "yes" I told myself. the only thing I wanted more than a House on a beach was a family.
as I left the beach, I made a silent promise to return again, with my family

Becks P.O.V

I woke up sick and ran to the bathroom before being sick.
"yuck!" I whispered before going to get a pregnancy test.
 the two pink lines confirmed that i was indeed pregnant and i smiled and rubbed my still flat belly, whispering "here we go again!"

this pregnancy seems to be going faster than others, and im even bigger than i was when i had the triplets. Jed had already told me we were having a girl, but he didnt know how many. My stomach was huge, bigger than normal for my second day of pregnancy. While i was wondering how many babies might be in my huge belly, the contractions hit.
"But its only been two days!" I panicked as the contractions got faster and closer together, but gave birth to......
 Four! Beautiful healthy baby girls.
(in order left to right) 
Karle, Caitlin, Bailey and Cassandra

Sorry for the short post!
hope you like it!