Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Babys and Birthdays! (babys 1, 2 and 3)

Becks P.O.V.
Ugh. Morning sickness im NEVER going to get used to this! Jed must have heard me because he came rushing in.
"are you ok?" he asked. "yea im fine just morning sickness, and a bit of a sore back". "i cant believe im going to be a father! im so excited!" jed exclaimed as he pulled me into a romantic hug.
"i love you jed" i whisperd. "i love you too becks."

I went back into the bedroom and got dressed and changed my hair style i thought it looked nice.
when i went downstairs i saw jed had brought in the newspaper and was reading it. "what are you reading" i asked him. jed wasn't a really big reader like me so it must have been something interesting. "im looking for a job" he replied "a job? what for, we still have lots of money left from my dads will." "well it wont last forever and i want to have a good job by then so we can support our kids and buy them houses." he said seriously. "your such a good daddy i said as i kissed him on the ear."
as he left the house for his job interview, i went into the kitchen to make some breakfast for us to eat when he got back. i only knew how to make waffles, but just barley.
as i slid the pan in the oven i prayed that it wouldnt burn or catch on fire.
to my surprise, the waffles turned out perfect and were ready just as jed walked in the door.
 after eating, i decided to put my money to good use. i redecorated my sitting area in my room, designed the nursery and the nursery bathroom and bought some pregnancy, kids and cooking books at the book store

 i just loved my new massage chair! jed was more interested in the tv and workout channels. thats my athletic man for you!
 i also bought jed a chess table because he did excellent at his interview and is now level 1 in the medical career! im so proud of him, even though he's going to quit to join the athletic career.
 i was just about to sit down for a game of chess with jed when i felt a tiny kick in my belly! that little kick made me more happy than ive ever been. it was real now i was going to be a mother!
i told jed and he was so happy. he immediately wanted to see if he could feel a kick too.
 Jeds P.O.V.
when i felt that one tiny kick, i almost screamed with delight! that was my baby growing it there! i put my ear up to becks ever growing belly and listened to the tiny heart beat. or was that two tiny heart beats? i wasnt sure so i didnt point it out to becks. it might worry her.
 I really wanted a boy, but becks was convinced it was a girl. she was probably right i mean, she is the one carrying it.
Becks P.O.V.
me and jed wanted to be extra prepared so we started to read our pregnancy books. i finished mine first being a bookworm and headed down stairs.
i knew that carrying a baby would be heavy, but i didnt think it would be this heavy! it was like carrying around a bag of flower!
i was craving mac and cheese so i went to the kitchen to make some with my newly discovered cooking skill. i must say it turned out pretty good.

 when i was done eating i climbed the stairs to my bedroom and collapsed into bed exhausted. this pregnancy was really taking its toll. at least i didnt have anymore sickness!

*** if you are wondering about becks hair in the next pictures my cc went wonky and i could edit her appearance because she was pregnant so just ignore it***

i woke up this morning feeling huge! i dont think that anyone i know was ever this big when they were pregnant.

Mabye i was just gaining too much weight. so i decided to work out to one of jeds workout dvds. it was hard because my belly kept getting in the way.

i felt really sore after my workout so i went to sit in my massage chair.

as i walked downstairs on swollen feet to get a shower something told me that the baby was coming soon.

the shower felt refreshing on my skin and soon i was clean.
when i was in the living room, i felt a sharp pain. the baby was coming!
the pain was excruciating. i knew i wouldnt be able to make it to the hospital. this was going to be a home birth.
 the contractions seemed to go on forever until finally...
baby #1 made an appearance! 
i immediately knew it wasnt over, so i quickly carried Julianna up and put her in her crib not long after, the second set of contractions started.
 and then......
 baby #2!
i put her in her crib and more contractions? i was having a 3rd baby!
and much quicker and easier that the others came tiny baby #3.

three tiny miracles in one night! i was exhausted. but i wasnt done yet. i fed them and put them to sleep with soft lullaby's and gentle kisses.


the next few days went by very quickly with snuggles, airplanes and belly kisses.

and soon enough it was time for the triplets to age up.
it was Julianna's turn first since she was the oldest so i changed my clothes did my hair and brought her to her cake.
and soon...

Julianna was a beautiful toddler!
with my hair and jeds eyes!

Next up was Lilianna
i brought her up to her cake and made a wish that she would be as beautiful as her older sister.
and my wish must have been granted because here she is!
she has jeds hair and eyes 
i cant see any of myself in her!
and last was my tiny baby Yasmeen. she was so different than the others. i hoped that she would be just as beautiful as them.
wow thats strange!
i wonder where she got her strange black hair and grey green eyes?
anyways they are all beautiful and jed and i love every one of them!

And now time for some much deserved rest!