Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What Happened? (Baby's 11, 12 and 13 part 3 of 3)

Jed's P.O.V
Today was a long day, I went to work and had my usual chat with Eliza and now i'm home and I just want to sleep. 

I walked into my room and almost passed out. There on the bed was Becks, lounging in her sexy lingerie. What was she up to? 

"Hey babe, I missed you" Becks said alluringly "come join me"

Shoot. She's trying to get me in bed with her. How did I not see this coming?

"Ummm... I gotta go ah, pay the bills" I said quickly
"Silly boy, do you really think your going to get away that easily? come here!"

She's not going to let me get away, so I slip into my pajamas and climb onto the bed.

"You ready to have your mind blown?" Becks asked

"Only if you are" I replied

                                                                        ~ - ~ - ~ 

Becks P.O.V

Last night was amazing! It was totally worth the wait. Well, not yet. I have yet to see if i'm pregnant.
I hopped up onto the counter as Jed walked into the kitchen.

"Hey hun? you have breakfast yet?"
"No not yet, i'm not feeling that well"

as if on cue, i rushed to the bathroom and threw up.

I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth. I wasnt going to tell jed just yet.

Anyways, I had something much more important to see too. A package had arrived last night and I had to go to pick it up :)

Thats right! its my beautiful grandson Thad! Lilianna finally had her baby!
im so happy to be a grandmother but i made it clear to lilianna that he was not to call me grandma but nanny, because grandma just makes me feel old.

By the time I got home, my stomach looked huge! I was at least having twins, I was sure!

I decided to do some dancing to induce labor.
I've seen it work for some other challenge mothers so I thought it might work for me

Apparently it works very, VERY well, as i went into labor very quickly.

 I hurried to the nursery where I gave birth to twins!

Cole and Anna with Puzzle and Abbey
(sorry I have no baby pictures of them! my game was being wonky :p)
Cole and Anna loved the toys that Grandma Bell sent.
my first purple haired baby boy!
(sorry i have no pictures of grace frost and molly as young adults. i had to move them out cause my game was being annoying!)

Me and Rose who is now a teen, decided to teach cole and anna to walk right away.

Not very long after we started, cole and anna could walk on their own.
"Victory!" we yelled

Talking and Potty training were next.

Cole was the bookworm of the two. he occupied himself with the kiddie books while i taught anna to talk.

Jed was home just long enough to help me potty  train the two.
I haven't seen him very much the past few days... something must be up.


I was making supper when I herd a knock on the door.
"I got it!" hollered Jed as he flew down the stairs and out the door.

"who is it?" I yelled to Jed. No response. I set down my cooking and walked to the door.

I was about half way to the door when Jed walked into the house with a woman ive never seen before.
"Who's this?" I asked

"Eliza, why dont you tell Becks who you are" Jed said to the Woman whose name was apparently Eliza.

"I'm... uh.... your sister"

"you cant be my sister i dont have a sister! I dont know what your talking about! your probably looking for money or going to hurt my kids? Jed! get this lier out of my house" I Yelled

"Becks you dont understand! she's telling the truth"
Jed pleaded

I looked Eliza in the eyes and everything came back to me.

I fell to the ground as the room went black  


Thank you so much for reading! I'm so happy that my game is working again and i can finish my challenge!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Update: Still not Getting anywhere

Hi Guys! 
I'm sad to say that i'm still having the same problems.... but they are getting worse :(
As of now I can only play for about half a sim day until the problems start. 
the game freezes but the animations still play and the sound effects play and i can still move the cursor.
weird... -__-

I've tried everything that i could and still no fix
-routing fix
-moving my sims to a different town
-reset sims

I have yet to delete all my CC and mods. I'm keeping that as a last resort

if you have ANY idea how to fix this HELP ME :(


(here is a picture of Becks and Eliza. any guesses as to whats going on?)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sim's Issues :(

Hi people of the internet! I have a serious problem..... my sim game is not working! lately, it has been freezing up, well... not really! the sims freeze but the plum-bobs still spin and the water still moves and the animations still go on a loop of some sort (like the woohoo hearts or the clothes spinning in the dryer) Its really bumming me out and i have no idea how to fix it (and BTW it has nothing to do with my computer)  
if ANYONE has had this happen or knows how to fix it, i will be forever grateful!
Thank you,
Amiee ³