Sunday, 26 February 2012

I absolutely LOVE the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, so I made a little sims 3 tribute pic to it with Eliza (because she is my favorite sim i've ever made :p)  
hope you like it!!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Young Love~ A Valentines Day Post ♥

Hey readers! this post was going to be about Jed and Becks, but every time I sent them on a date, Jed got called into work (he's a doctor) and I decided to do something different. Valentines day with the teenagers because valentines day is for young love not married couples, right? Anyways, I hope you like this post and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! (sorry its one day late!!!)
Happy Valentines Day ♥

Puzzle's P.O.V
Not long after Ali was born, Becks let me Anna, Addey and Cole age up, along with Ali.
Ali was a super adorable kid, with brown hair and emerald green eyes.
Becks says that she gets her eye color from Anna and Cole's grandmother Bell, but she doesn't know where she gets the hair color.

Becks says that Cole looks a lot like her dad. He's a real charmer too, I swear that him and Abbey are already in a relationship.

Anna is just beautiful. she has short hair that perfectly frames her face and huge blue eyes.
Ok, ok I have a huge crush on Anna, and today, valentines day im gonna ask her to be my girlfriend!

"hh.....hey Anna, do you want to go to the park with me tonight?"
"sure!! I would love that Puzzle! thanks for inviting me!"
she smiled and followed me to the car

"Where are we going? we have been driving forever!" Anna said
"you'll see! were almost there!"
after a few minutes we arrived at the spot that I had set up my picnic.
"OMG is this for me Puzzle? thankyou!!!" Anna gushed "I love it!"

we sat down and ate the cheese burgers I had made. they wernt the best, but thankfully Anna didnt mind.

I looked into her eyes. wow she is so beautiful.

"get up I have something else for you too" I said when Anna finished eating.
"what is it?" Anna said and gasped when I pulled a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers out from behind my back and handed them to her.
"they are beautiful! thanks!" she chimed and pulled me into a hug. my face turned bright red.

"do you want the stars with me?" I asked nervously
"sure! that would be nice"
We sat down on the grass, and I knew that it was time to make a move

"the stars are really beautiful...." I said, while slowly moving my hand towards Anna's.

"........but not as beautiful as you" I finished as I placed my hand on top of hers.

Anna gasped "Puzzle.....!"

"I really like you Anna."

"I really like you too Puzzle"

I've never smiled more in my life.

you know, until I heard the cops. I looked at my cellphone "3:30 am!!!!! dang!"
they herded us into the cop car and drove us 3 hours back to our house.

when we go home, Anna and I waited outside before going in.
Anna grabbed my hand and said 
"I had a really good time with you Puzzle."
"I had a really good time with you too Anna"
I replied

All of a sudden, I just leaned in and kissed her. Her face was expressionless.
"omg Anna im so sorry......." I blurted out

I was still babbling when Anna wraped her arms around me and pulled me into a kiss.
"dont be." she said simply before kissing me again.

when we finally finished, I took Anna by the hand
"would you be my girlfriend?" I asked
"Ive been waiting for you to ask me all evening. of course!" Anna exclaimed

we kissed again and I couldnt help but think, this was the best valentines day ever.♥

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Today Has to be the Weirdest Day Ever (Baby 13)

Becks P.O.V

Not long after ageing Cole and Anna up, they came to me with the most unusual request.
"Hey mom!" Anna said "me and Cole have something to ask you...."
"what sweetie? anything for you guys" I responded expecting them to ask for a makeover for their rooms or some cookies or something simple.
"Well, me and Cole both have imaginary friends and....." 
"*sigh*" I stifled a groan, not this again!
"....could you make then real?"
" WHAT! how would I do that?"
"well remember that potion you made last week?"
"yeah..." I responded cautiously
"that might just work!"
I gave them the potions reluctantly, hoping that they wouldn't be to upset when nothing happened.

Anna's P.O.V
"here you go Puzzle." my hand shook as I handed him the potion.
"drink this and you will be real!"

I looked over and saw that Cole was also handing a potion to Abbey. Cole was so excited I think he was shaking! "I hope this works" I whispered to Cole as Puzzle and Abbey drank their potions.

Becks P.O.V
all of a sudden, purple light surrounded the places where Cole and Anna had placed their potions and the faint shadow of a child could be seen inside each one

"ITS WORKING ITS WORKING!" Anna cheered as the Purple light started to dim.

"Oh my gosh...." I gasped and my hands flew to my mouth.
instead of 2 children in my living room, there stood 4. 

Standing with Cole and Anna were 2 other children, a girl with purple hair that had red tips, and a boy with red and black hair. both had tanned skin and big smiles.
"Puzzle!" "Abbey!" "Anna!" "Cole!"
the kids happily yelled each others names as they rushed to give their now real imaginary friends a hug.

How in the world am I supposed to explain this to Jed.


As always, the best way to solve problems is to potentially start a new one.
I do that by buying a ranch.
I mean, what better place to forget all your troubles than home, home on the range?(lol)
(thank you blukompressor from MTS for the wonderful lot to play with!)

It lacks my usual purpleness, but I had a feeling that Jed was getting annoyed by my obsession over the color anyways.
as soon as I got in the house, I called Jed at work
"Hi Hun"
"Becks? whats wrong?" Jed started freaking out on the phone. I guess it was my fault, since im only supposed to call him at work if there was an emergency.
"Nothings wrong I promise, just come straight to this address after work"
"Great! Luvs ya!"
"love you too"

as soon as I hang up, I feel my new baby kick in my stomach.
"I love you too little guy or gal" I cooed as I rubbed my slightly swollen belly.

When Jed got home I ran out to the front to meet him.
"so? do you like our new home?" I asked
"this is ours?! wow its amazing Becks, but not as amazing as you!"
"I hoped you would like it." 

"uh Jed, would you be upset if I told you we suddenly have 4 kids instead of 2?"
The look on Jeds face was priceless.
as I told him the whole story, his face slowly returned to normal
"so they really had real imaginary friends that turned out to be real?"

"your not telling me something" Jed said as he looked down at my stomach
"there has been a new little girl eavesdropping on our conversation!"

"how do you know its a girl?" I asked
"medical training. I can tell the gender by looking at your baby bump"
"thats so cool! congratulations Jed, your having another daughter!"
Jed laughed

All of a sudden we were joined by 4 more people, all looking at me and Jed intently.
"Puzzle, Abbey, this is Jed, Cole and Anna's dad and my husband." I introduced Jed.

"Mom! they already know that!" Cole exclaimed, and my face flushed with embarrassment.
"can you make us supper already, were starving!" Anna whined

Jed and I looked at them and laughed.
"of course sweetie, mommy will go make you some supper right away"
I kissed Jed on the cheek and hurried off to the kitchen.


I dont know what my favorite part about making burgers is,
shaping them.....

...... or flipping them!!
(skill :P)

As i'm finishing eating, someone throws open the front door, steps inside and yells out 
"honey, im home!"
Its none other than my blue haired freak friend Calista Smith!

we both run upstairs into my 'hang out room' to chat.
"hows life chika?" I ask
"Better now girly, thanks for asking! how bout you"
"can't you tell?" I exclaim as I pat my ever growing stomach
"I thought you looked glowier" Calista chuckled 

we continued to chat and randomly burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter, until Bananas has a puppy right next to my feet and Calista almost dies.

Calista squeals in excitement
Calista gives me puppy dog eyes almost as cute as the real thing
"of course chicka! why not?"
Clearly satisfied, Calista set down Calista jr. 
and it wasnt to long before Jed was up here with his camera.

here are some pictures Jet took of me and my crazy friend


Not long after Calista left, I went into labor (in front of a huge picture of her face lol)

and I give birth to baby 13, Ali Best

Welcome home Ali, welcome home.