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Locket ~ Babies 24 & 25 Part 1

This post contains tasteful pixel nudity and slightly mature writing.
It may also cause your feelz to curl up in the corner of your brain and slowly die while you sob uncontrollably.
You have been warned.


Dai's P.O.V

I drummed my fingers on my leg. Could this taxi drive any slower? We had left our car in Sunset Valley and were driving to our new home in Sunlit Tides, where I would get to see my best friend Adele for the first time  since we were kids! My mom looked over at my nervously tapping my foot and smiled like she knew something I didn't. "I guess your excited to see Adele again!" I nodded and looked out the window.

"Mom! We're here!" I exclaimed as I gaped at the huge house at the end of the beach lane. Logan and Adele stood outside of the house with Mia and Chase. Adele must have seen the taxi because she was tugging on Logan's arm pointing excitedly.

The taxi hadn't even come to a full stop in the driveway when I swung the door open and ran towards Adele. She wrapped her arms around my neck and i engulfed her in a hug. After a few seconds she quickly pulled away, and I got a good look at her face. Her beautiful green eyes had a hint of nervousness in them and her face was blushed a crimson red. " Why don't I show you your room?" Adele said shakily. I nodded. What was wrong with Adele? we had been friends since we were tiny! Was she scared of me?

I followed her into the house and up 2 flights of stairs, to the boys room, where I would be sleeping. I looked around in awe.
"This is so cool! I can't believe your dad built this!" Adele laughed. "Yeah, at least he can do something right..." She trailed off, looking blankly at her feet
"Are you ok Adele?" I asked.

Adele leaned in and kissed me, before pulling away, her face a scarlet red now.
I looked at her shocked. Adele had just kissed me!
"I'm so sorry Dai... Do we still do that?"

I smiled. "Of course we do Adele!" Her face became less red and she smiled.
"So... you don't have a new girlfriend in Sunset Valley?"
"Not even one! Your my girlfriend Adele." I kissed her again and this time she didn't pull away.
I was home.

Becks P.O.V

As I stepped out of the cab, I was ambushed by Mia and Chance.

"Mamma!" Mia screeched happily as her and Chance jumped into my arms, almost knocking me over.
Logan pried Mia off of me before I could fall and Chance cuddled into my shoulder.

 "I missed you mamma." He cooed. "Mamma missed you too! Look how big you've gotten! Your HUGE!" I lifted him up in the air, pretending that he was heavy and It was taking all of my power to hold him over my head.

A little hand tugged on the leg of my pants. "I'm big too mamma!" Mia puffed out her cheeks and stuck out her chest, trying to look as big as possible. I laid down Chance and picked Mia up to tickle her, her little fangs glistened as she laughed.

The taxi with Jed and the triplets pulled into the driveway and the three girls ran to Logan. "DADDY!"
Logan picked up each toddler and hugged them. "Hey baby girls! How are you darlings?"
"Maggie is hungry!" Maggie exclaimed. Logan picked her up again.
"Who wants bacon ice cream " Logan asked and soon, he was closely followed into the house by five hungry little werewolf toddlers.

Jed pulled me into a hug. "This is it." I said. "Do you like it?"
He kissed my forehead. "If you like it, then I like it."
I heard gagging noises coming from the house and turned to see Logan in the window, pretending to choke himself. Remind me to kill him later.

We went inside and saw that Logan had Maggie, Lourdes and Jeanie in highchairs, with bowls of bacon ice cream that they scooped up with their hands.
Mia and Chance were on the floor playing with some toys.

"Oh! I almost forgot something!" I exclaimed before running back outside to find the gifts I had gotten for Mia and Chance.
"This is for you Chance!" I handed Chance the purple and orange bunny-bear and he cuddled it.
"What do you say to mommy Chance?" Logan asked the delighted toddler.
"Thank you mommy!" Chance said quickly, before running off with his new toy.

Mia was standing next to Logan, waiting patiently for her turn. "Come here Mia" I beckoned her over to where a box was on the floor.
I opened the box and Mia watched in awe as I lifted out a fluffy, fat cat with rainbow colored fur.

Mia looked at the cat with wide yellow eyes and I gently placed it in her arms.
"His name is Willard, Mia"
"Willard..." Mia cooed to the cat.
"Now Mia, I want you to take super good care of Willard for me ok?"
Mia's face broke into a huge smile. "Yes momma! I will!"
I couldn't help but smile at her happiness "Good girl"

Mia put Willard down and chased after him screaming "Kitty! Kitty!"
I looked at Logan who had an unsure look on his face, and mouthed the word 'Sorry'.
"Yay! More cats" Logan exclaimed in a sarcastic tone and looked over at Mia rubbing Willard's belly.
"Mia love Willard daddy! Willard is fluffy!"
Logan smiled at her. "Yes, yes he is"

"AUNT CHLOE IS HERE CHILDREN!" Chloe barged into the house and all of the toddlers ran towards her.
"Chloe!" Jeanie screamed and jumped into her arms.
"Jeanie!" Chloe screamed back causing giggles to erupt from all five toddlers.4

Chloe put Jeanie down and ran over to hug me.
"Becks!!! How is my bestie doing in her new house?"
Chloe engulfed me in a hug.
"Ive only been here for a half hour... I haven't seen more than the living room yet"
"Well then! Tour time!"

"We can check the house out later Chloe." Jed said
Chloe grabbed Jed and pulled him towards the stair case.
"You coming Becks?" She asked jokingly
"Of course"

We made our way up the stairs, Chloe in the lead, Logan trailing behind.
I looked back and made eye contact with Logan.
We broke it off immediately, I could tell he was thinking about the same thing I was.
The night Maggie, Jeanie and Lourdes were conceived.


"I packed my bags in Logan's room while he put Mia and Chance to sleep. They were both fairly quiet considering they were werewolf toddlers, and Logan was over the moon that Chance got my purple hair and Mia, my yellow eyes. Logan came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "We're going to miss you Becks."

 I turned around and hugged him, taking in his scent. "Me and Dai are going to miss you too. Don't worry, we will be back living here with you guys in Sunlit Tides soon." I had yet to run that plan by Jed, but I was sure that he would agree. Logan sighed. "I guess soon isn't soon enough"

 We lay on the bed, him holding my hand. You could practically feel the tension in the air as we lay there together. Logan cleared his throat and broke the silence. "I ... I got you a gift..." He said, then pulled a necklace with a  heart shaped locket out of his pocket.

 He fastened it around my neck and I opened it, to see a picture of Mia in one half and Chance in the other. A tear rolled down my cheek. "It's so you can have them with you, even when you're not around." I smiled "Thank you so much Logan! I love it!" Logan sighed again. "Yeah, but I wish I could have given you something better..."

I looked into his eyes and saw the wanting. The same wanting that was in my eyes. "I know how you could give me a better gift" Logan's eyes widened and I pressed my lips against his. He pulled me towards him, my chest slamming into his. I tangled my fingers into Logan's messy blonde hair while he pulled of my shirt and unhooked my bra.

 There was no hesitation, we both knew what the other wanted. I pushed off his pants and he pulled down my skirt, placing his warm hand on my lower back causing shivers to run up and down my back. Our mouths locked together, teeth gently biting lips, tongues tangled together, fingers running across bare skin. It was the most pleasurable moment of my life.

 I let out a low moan and Logan kissed my neck, causing it to become louder. I tried to keep the volume down because Adele and Dai were probably still awake, but It was almost impossible. It went on for what seemed like forever, in the most amazing way I had ever experienced it. Nobody had ever made love to me like Logan did, not even Jed. We fell asleep still tangled in each other's arms, skin against skin with Logan's warm breath on my neck.

"DAD! WAKE UP! MIA AND CHANCE ARE HUNGRY!" We both woke with a start to Adele knocking loudly at the bedroom door. It didn't take long for us to both realize that we were still completely undressed.
"Dad?" Adele said and the bedroom door started to slowly creak open. "Shit" I cursed under my breath and Logan quickly pulled the blankets up concealing me and leaving only his head poking out.

"Dad? are you coming?" I heard her foot steps come closer to the bed and I held my breath.
"Yes sweetie, daddy has to get dressed first ok?" Logan responded awkwardly.
"Ok... I guess I will go now..." I heard the door shut and I came up from under the covers.
"That was close" Logan laughed and then got up to dress

. I couldn't help but stare at him. He was so perfect, like a Calvin Klein model or something. Much to my dismay, he got his pants on and left to feed Mia and Chance.
I sat up and threw on one of Logan's shirts. Nausea wracked my body and I ran to the bathroom, emptying the contents of my stomach in a flash.
"Oh no.... " I whispered.

I sifted through the contents of the medicine cabinet until I found what I was looking for. I took the test, and I wasn't surprised  when it came out positive.
I was pregnant

I told Logan right away. He was excited until he realized that I was going back to Jed that evening.
We came up with a lie.
I had decided that I wanted to get pregnant with Logan's babies for my challenge, so the night before I left, we visited the clinic and I was made pregnant via AI.
We ironed out the details and decided that's what we would tell anyone who asked.

Before I went home, I visited the clinic again to have the doctor tell me that I was pregnant with triplets. I called Logan and he was ecstatic.

When it came time to say good bye, Logan was quiet. He knew as much as I did that I wanted to run into his arms and beg to stay, but he also knew that wasn't going to happen. I waved goodbye, afraid that I would not be able to let go if we hugged. I kissed Mia and Chance and hugged Adele.

As we drove away, tears spilled out of my eyes. "It cant be that way, Becks" I thought to myself. "It won't ever be that way"


I was on my knees, staring at Logan. My cheeks were wet although I couldn't remember when I started crying. Jed placed his hand on my shoulder and Logan looked on, almost as if he was in shock.  "Becks! Are you alright?"

 Jed reached down and lifted my chin with his hand, to look at my wet, reddened face.  Chloe moved to comfort me but Jed stopped her with a glare, which he turned to Logan. "You and that blue haired girl should leave" He let out an angry sigh, causing Logan and Chloe to head downstairs towards the door. I looked at Chloe as she mouthed "Call me" and they disappeared out the door. 

Uncontrollably I started sobbing more, and Jed helped me up off the ground. 
"What did he do to you Becks?" Jed looked into my eyes with a gaze as hard as stone.
I could feel the anger bubbling up inside of me. "Nothing!" I sobbed.
"But what did him and Chloe do to you!"

Jed gave me a strange look. 
"What do you mean?"

Jed's shout made me cringe.

Jed gave me a cold glare.
"Oh, so I guess that's why there are 3 little girls in this house who refuse to call me dad!"
Jed's retort stung, and my eyes filled up with tears again. 

"I'm not bringing the girls into this, Jed" 
I walked out of the hall and into the bedroom, locking the door behind me before collapsing on the bed and crying myself to sleep.


That about says it all.
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*Thank you to Logan Fey for letting me use their sims (Logan and Adele) My story wouldnt be the same without them!!
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