Sunday, 20 May 2012

Do You ever go home Eliza?

Becks P.O.V

I woke up and wiped the sweat off of my brow. I looked at the clock and realized that it was already 10:00 in the morning. "Jed get up!" I shook him gently. "the day is half over already!"

"what!?" Jed sat up in the bed and I sat on the edge next to them.
"yea its 10 o clock"
"oh, well if thats the case lets age the girls up"
as if on queue, the screeches of four baby girls could be heard from the room over
"yea lets do that" I reply

The girls all age up into adorable toddlers, all with unique personalities 

Ali ages up into an awkward teen with a not so great sense of style and a love for horses

I can tell Ali is not happy with her appearance and my thoughts are confirmed when she comes to me with a request.
"hey mom, can i ask you something"
"sure sweety, what is it?"
"could you mabye give me a makeover? please?"
"sure! follow me!"

I get Ali to stand on the pedastal and I go to work
"hmm, Im thinking something pink and girly, but still mature"
"awesome! sounds great"

After a good 30 minutes of styling hair and trying on outfit after outfit, I think that I finally found a winning look.
"Can i look now mom?" Ali pleads
"I think so" I turn Ali around so she can observe her new look in the mirror.

for a minute, Ali looked at the mirror confused, and I held my breath

Suddenly, a huge smile stretched across her face, and was reflected on my own.
"I love it!" Ali twirled around infront of the mirror a few times before stepping off the pedestal

"thank you so much mom!"
Ali pulled me into a hug
"your the best mom ever!"

our heartfelt mother daughter moment was intrupted by an annoyed squeal.
I look down and see my little angel Cassy reaching towards me with a pout on her face.

I bend over and look into her eyes
"whats wrong Cassy?"
"Mwommy up!" Cassy responds and I lift her off the ground and into my arms.

"Mwommy go swimming?" Cassandra asked. Cassy loved the water, wether it was going outside in the rain or getting in the tub, so when i bought the pool, she was ecstatic.
"sure sweety!" 
"yay!" Cassandra giggled and I carried her upstairs

once all the girls were in their swimming costumes, i took them all out to the little inflatable kiddie pool jed had set up in the back yard for them.
the girls splashed and giggled for about ten minutes before I  noticed Eliza standing in the corner of the yard

"whats up sis?" Eliza waved. "jed said that you guys were out here"
Eliza walked over to the pool. 
"cmon and dry off, I have some people I want you to meet!"


Sorry for the extremely short post! But I wanted you guys to know that im still alive and continuing with my challenge!!!
oh Eliza, Always up to something huh?

Have an Awesome may 24th weekend!