Monday, 28 November 2011

How Much Drama is too Much Drama?

Authors P.O.V : okey dokie. i sorta left you hanging at the last post. i'm sorry but not responsible for any damage that might have occurred as a result of this. so you are prepared, i will tell you now that there will be a lot more cliff hangers and mysterious happenings in the next few posts, ending with a shocking twist about Becks tragic childhood. Okay, so back to the story. were gonna back-track a bit to the part right before Frost speaks.

(rewinding noise)

Becks P.O.V

he looked pretty scared, but i kept yelling. "you mad man put down my son!"

he looked up at me like i was a crazy woman "Becks! you dont understand!!" Frost pulled his hand out of his mouth with a confused look on his face and said.........................
 "Mommy! why you ywell at Daddwy?"

i looked into those beautiful crystal blue eyes and realized" DADDY! oh my god jed im sooo sorry! I didnt know! i swear!" i pleaded to jed.



Without talking jed gently placed Frost on the floor and said "go play with molly frost. daddy needs to talk to mommy." obviously not affected by what just happened frost squealed "mwolly! i comein to plawy!" and crawled over to where molly was playing with her toys.


jed stood up and pulled me into a romantic hug. " i was never mad at you or upset with you. there is nothing to be sorry for." i hugged jed even tighter. "but i yelled at you!" i said wondering why he wasnt upset. " i said alot of nasty things to you that i never should say to anyone, especially in front of my kids! im a horrible mother!" 

I started to sob. Jed held my head in his hands and talked to me in a soothing tone." oh becks, your not a horrible mother! i would only hope that my own mother would be that protective of me. and your definantly 
the best wife there is! its not your fault that you didnt recognize me, and im sorry i died my hair without telling you. i wanted to have it the same colour as my mom's because you know how much i hate my dad. dont be mad at me."

   "im not mad Jed. well, not completely mad. i will love you no matter what colour your hair is. just tell me next time you decide to change it!" i hugged jed tightly " i love you". "i love you too becks, and to prove it were going to have a special night, just me and you. i can ask Sam to watch the kids and we can go to that new romantic Italian restaurant." 

im sorry that was a really short post, but my sims game is being super glitchey and i really wanted to get a post out for you guys <3 hopefully i will resolve this issue and get back to simming. also i have been SUPER busy. my robotics team took 2nd place in a skills canada competition the past weekend. i really hope to get some good posts in soon cause i have millions of amazing ideas floating around in my head lol. have a amazing monday(or tuesday) 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Who in the world are you!?!? (Baby's 7, 8 & 9)

Becks P.O.V

I was in the kitchen cooking some pancakes, when i felt something soft brush up against my leg.

"good morning Bananas!" i exclaimed as i swooped bananas up off the floor and gave her kisses. "how is my girl today"


i decided that since i had no toddlers to attend to and the kids were in school, i would take bananas for a nice walk.


if you havent noticed yet, that is indeed a baby bump! me and jed got busy the other night and now baby number 7 is on the way!!


bananas LOVED her walk. she stopped occasionally to sniff, but most of the time, i had a hard time keeping up with her.

once we got to the dog park, i decided to teach bananas how to sit. i dont plan on her being a show dog, but by the end of the afternoon, she could sit like a pro!


i returned home from my walk just as jed got home from work. he was rising up in his career so quick that i couldent remember what he was doing anymore. "hey baby" jed swooned. "did you and my other baby have a good day at the park?" i knew that he wasnt talking about bananas. i pulled him into a kiss "im doing fine but your other baby is a bit restless. i think it wants to see its daddy."


After welcoming jed home i headed down stairs to check out the newest member of the best household.
sams parrot had died shortly after the girls moved out and he was devastated.


so the other day, he came home from school with a new pet cockatoo.


since i dont want him to meet the same fate as Sam jr., i fill his food and water bowls daily and clean his habitat. he is super fun to play with and i spent the whole rest of the evening teaching him how to talk.

around 9, i heard excited screaming from Natalie and Sam "mom! mom! the ice cream truck is here can we get some ice cream pleaseeeeee!?" i couldnt say no so i replied "go ahead, i'll be up in a minute to pay for it"
"thanks mom your the best" natalie chimed, and rushed to the truck.


like always, sam knew exactly what he wanted. a strawberry custard cone with sprinkles.


Natalie was a bit more indecisive. but finally she chose the freezer bunny shaped one." it is the cutest thing on the menu" she exclaimed with delight.


The way she bit into her Popsicle, im surprised that she didnt get an instant brain freeze!


as i exited the elevator, i felt the contractions coming on. the ice cream man wasnt getting paid today.


i calmly carried my self to the nursery, where the contractions only got worse. i knew from experience that this could only mean one thing: triplets! before the pain got too bad i yelled out to Sam. "call daddy at work sam tell him that he's getting 3 new babys!"

Screenshot-1124.jpg after about 10 more minutes, baby number 1 made its first apperance. a little girl that i named molly. she was perfection, but i only had a minute to admire her before.....


out comes baby number 2! another beautiful little girl that i thoughtfully named grace, after jeds mother.


last but not least came a tiny baby boy named frost. he was my second boy and he was absolutely adorable! 
he was so sweet and quiet.


i changed out of my maternity dress and into some nice clothes to age the babys up right away. triplets were just too difficult as babys.

i cuddled my perfect baby boy one more time before i aged him and his sisters up. i looked into his amber eyes and wondered if he had gotten my hair colour too.


molly was first up to the cake for her birthday, and the others followed shortly.


they aged up beautifully into super busy happy little toddlers!




sadly, frost never got my hair colour, but the two girls molly and grace did! frost and grace got my amber eyes while molly got jeds crystal blue ones


i love my little tots to death! i would do anything for my babies!

i had just come in from getting the paper. my friend Peaches said that Grace had been mentioned and i had to read it. i tilted my head a little and saw something i couldent beleive.


there was a strange man with black hair, in my house holding frost! 


i was enraged! what was he doing with my son, in MY house! "hey you! what in the world are you doing in my house with my child! who the hell do you think you are!"


he looked pretty scared, but i kept yelling "you mad man put down my son!"


he looked up at me like i was a crazy woman "Becks! you dont understand!!" Frost pulled his hand out of his mouth with a confused look on his face and said.........................

to be continued :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

4 real this time! (babies 5 & 6 )

omg so much catching up to do..... ok here goes it 

Becks P.O.V:
while making supper after the photo shoot, i felt the familiar pain of labor.
I calmly walked to the nursery where i gave birth to twin girls!
Baby #5 Olivia

and Baby #6 Natalie

babys are super adorable but i decided to age up my little pink worms right away, because i know how difficult multiples are! they are so similar with jeds hair and my eyes.

sam had been begging me to get him a pet bird since the pet store opened so i got him a Macaw that he originally named sam jr.

Julianna asked for a snake. she didnt really like snakes but she claimed that boys liked girls that had snakes so i didnt argue

later i walked in on  Lilianna making a phone call. what was she up to?

guess i should have paid more attention to the bills cause the repo woman is here to take my couch

jed was really in love with the twins he spent every spare miniute with them which wasnt very much time with his current job as a paramedic.

i spent the rest of the day teaching the girls their skills

look at this new addition to my house what is it for you ask?

its for this guy!! no im not cheating on jed, its the butler!

the girls and sam are all on the honor roll and the twins know all their skills so i guess its birthday time!

i feel a twinge of sadness as a fully grown Julianna brings each of the twins of the cake

here is a picture of all my kiddies

it melts my heart to see my first three babys leave the nest but i come home to a wonderful suprise


a new doggie! he had a note attached to his collar
it read:
Dear Mom, we all knew we would miss you very much, and that of course you would miss us, so before we left home, we bought you this dog. her name is bananas and even though we know that you wont love her as much as you love us but she will love you more than you can ever imagine
your girls <3

my eyes welled up as i folded the note and stuffed it in my pocket. i picked up bananas and smiled as she licked my face. i had a friend for life