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Fight or Flight (Babies #27 & 28, Part 2) New Beginnings Chapter 7

Becks' P.O.V

I waddled into the kitchen where Neil was sitting with Paige on his lap.
"Goodmorning!" He said and Paige giggled.

"Goomurnin," she gargled happily and I scooped her into my arms and tickled her. Paige giggled furiously.

"Good morning mom," Tom walked into the kitchen, sleepily rubbing his eyes.

 "Good morning sweetie," I passed Paige back to Neil and gave Tom a hug.
"Is Mason up?" Tom shook his head.

"He was still asleep when I left."

"Strange... He is usually awake by now. Neil, can you go check on Mason for me?"
Neil quickly put down Paige.

He ran up the stairs and I giggled. He loved my kids so much, and in the short time he had been here, they had bonded.
Neil had bounded up the stairs when Logan walked into the kitchen with a stack of letters and *sigh* bills.

"Hey Becks! How are you feeling? I picked up your mail for you."  Logan laid the stack on the table and I gave him a hug.

"Thanks so much Logan! You're such a good friend."
Logan released me from our hug and Neil came back down the stairs.

"Becks, Mason has a really high fever. I gave him an Advil and I'm going to make some home-made soup for him to eat when he wakes up."
I walked over and hugged Neil.

 "Thank you so much Neil! That's so sweet, I don't know what I would do without you!"
Logan cleared his throat and Neil and I broke from our hug.

"What's the Midwife still doing here?" Logan used his thumb to motion to Neil. I wrapped my arm protectively around him and frowned.

"Neil is staying to make sure Paige meets her development checkpoints." I said matter-of-factually, even though I knew that Paige wasn't the only reason he was staying so long. A couple of nights ago when he had announced he was leaving over a candle-lit dinner, I had begged him not to leave. In the days following, something changed between us. We craved physical contact with each other, holding hands and hugs longer and longer each time and I found myself enjoying his company more and more each day.

"Hmph. Whatever you two say. I've got to get back to Iris." Logan left the house and
I picked the stack of mail off of the table and sifted through it.

 "Bills, bills, bills- Wait... What's this?" I plucked a shiny gold envelope out of the pile. It was addressed to 'Jed and Becks Best.' My heart dropped to my stomach and I felt nauseous.

"Becks? Is everything alright?" Neil placed a hand on my waist and started to peer over my shoulder at the letter. I quickly opened the envelope, tearing through Jed's name and discarding it on the table.

"Yeah I'm good, I'm good," I said quickly.

"You're invited..." Neil read over my shoulder. "To the wedding of Darwin Simmons and Eliza Best... One of your daughters?" He questioned and I shook my head.

"No, my sister actually..." The last time I had spoken to Eliza was before I ran away. I had gotten angry with her for spreading rumors about my sexuality and lying about meeting with Jed. Before any of this happened, she had asked me to be the maid of honor, but I doubted that offer still stood.

"You have a sister?" Neil questioned again. "You've never said anything about having a sister."
I bit my lip.

"We had a, uh, falling out back when I still lived in Sunset Valley... I haven't talked to her since."
Neil frowned and glanced at the crumpled envelope with Jed's name written next to mine in neat cursive.

"Does she know?" He asked, obviously referring to the fact that Jed was... not around anymore.

"Yeah, but this invite was probably written before then... She has been planning this wedding for a long while." I opened the card to check the date, and a small piece of paper fell out and fluttered to the floor. Neil bent over and picked it up for me, due to the fact that I couldn't even see my toes over my huge belly, let alone pick something up off the floor.

I gently unfolded it and started to read.

Dear Becks,

Long time no talk. I'm so sorry about what happened, and I wish I could make it right, but I know it's probably too late for that. I hope you can forgive me for all the trouble and hurt I have caused you. You are my little sister, the only family I have left and I would never be able to forgive myself if I didn't even try to set things right. I would still love you to have you as my maid of honor, if you will have me as your sister again. Call me, we need to talk.

Love, Eliza

I wiped a stray tear from my eye, and Neil hugged me from behind.
"She's your sister. Of course she still loves you," He hummed in my ear with his reassuring voice and I smiled.

"Yeah...." I said quietly, folding the letter and sticking it back in my pocket.

At that moment, Dai ran into the house, his purple hair in a mess and a terrified expression on his face.
I quickly broke from Neil's embrace and went over to him as quickly as my heavily pregnant body would let me.
"Dai! What's wrong!" I said on the verge of panic.

"Adele!" He panted, "She's in labor!"
I let out a deep breath and held in a giggle.

"Dai my gosh, you almost gave me a heart attack! I thought it was something bad!"
Dai's expression went from fear to embarrassment and I hugged him.
"I guess it's ok, it is your first baby. Where is she?"

"Logan is taking her to the hospital. He told me to come get you," Dai explained and I nodded.

"Well lets go then! You don't want to miss the birth of your first child!"
Dai nodded quickly and we both went out to Dai's car, leaving Neil behind to tend to Paige and Mason.


When we got to the hospital, the nurse brought us to the delivery room.
Dai rushed over to Adele who was laying on the bed.

"Adele! Are you ok, is the baby ok, are you in pain what can I do?" He blurted out, causing Adele to laugh.

"Dai, stop worrying, I'm fine, and the baby is too! They gave me something for the pain, and now all we can do is wait until my contractions get close enough for me to start pushing."
Adele was so calm in comparison to Dai.

I was just about to ask where Logan was, when he walked through the door... with a video camera in his hand.

"What's that for?" I asked, curious.

"I'm not going to miss this opportunity to film the birth of my grandbaby!" He enthused, holding the camera up to his face.

"DAD! You are not filming me giving birth!" Adele protested, grimacing with pain as another contraction came.

Logan was about to respond when the doctor came in, interrupting him.

"Hello Adele, how are you feeling? Those contractions are getting pretty close now, I'm just going to see how dilated you are, and then I think it's time to deliver the baby."
While the doctor checked Adele, Dai stood beside her biting his nails.

"Is she ok? Is it time for her to start pushing?" Dai shot question after question at the doctor, who was obviously very used to dealing with nervous fathers.

"10 centimeters dialated," The doctor confirmed. "Adele, Its time for you to push." A nervous look flickered in Adele's eyes, but it quickly left.

"Ok, I'm ready," She assured the doctor, and then got into position to deliver the baby.
Dai rushed to her side, and Logan readied the camera, earning himself a glare from Adele.

"Hey doc, could you move your head? You're blocking my picture," Logan instructed from behind the camera, earning another glare, this time, from the doctor.

"EVERYBODY BUT THE PATIENT AND HER HUSBAND HAVE TO LEAVE THE ROOM!" He shouted, and the assistant nurse started to direct Logan and I out of the room.

"Hey! I'm the patients father!" Logan declared, as the nurse shoved him out into the waiting room.

"I'm so, so sorry," I whispered to the doctor, exiting to the waiting room where Logan was sitting with his video camera in his hands.

"I didn't even get to finish my home movie!" He pouted. I slumped down into the chair next to him.
"Do you want to watch what I got while we wait?" Logan asked, attempting to pass the camera over to me.

I took the camera and threw it across the room, where it hit the wall with a satisfying crunch.
"You could have just said no...." Logan mumbled, staring at the wreckage of his camera on the waiting room floor.

I sighed, rested my head on the wall behind me, and waited.


The next 30 minutes felt like 3 hours, but finally Dai wheeled Adele out of the delivery room, holding a tiny baby girl with wisps of red hair on her head.

 Dai had the biggest smile on his face. I waddled up to him and gave him a huge hug.

"I'm so proud of you!" I exclaimed, and Dai smiled even bigger.

 I looked over to see that Logan had already taken the baby from Adele and was snuggling her.
"She is perfect, Adele!" He gushed. "Do you guys have a name for her?"
Dai looked to Adele, who looked back at him and nodded.

"Her name is Dae." He announced proudly.
Logan cradled the baby in his arms.

"Hello Dae." He cooed. "Welcome to the family." He handed Dae to Dai, who held her to his body protectively.
At that moment, pain shot through my abdomen and I could feel water starting to drip down my leg.

"Logan," I winced. "The baby is coming."
Logan's eyes widened.

"OH! Um, I'll go get the doctor!" Logan exclaimed and took off running down the hallway.

It wasn't long before he was back with the doctor, who took me into the delivery room with Logan to deliver the baby.


3 hours later we arrived home with 3 new babies. Proud new parents Dai and Adele with baby Dae, And Logan and I with twins, Angel Best-Fey and little Dustin Best-Fey.

Each one of them precious little miracles.


When everyone had gone home, I sent all the kids, except Paige who was being fussy, to bed. Neil had left to run a few errands for me, and I headed upstairs to check on the twins, who I thought I could hear crying.
At the top of the stairs, the crying stopped, and the hallway became eerily silent.

"Mama?" Paige said softly, coming up the stairs behind me. I picked her up and gently placed my hand over her tiny mouth.

"Shhh Paige." I whispered into her little pointed ear. "Go get in mama's bed, and be super quiet, ok?" Paige nodded and ran into my room. When she was safe in my room, I quietly started down the hallway to the nursery.

I turned the door knob slowly until it clicked lightly, then I pushed open the door to reveal....

The twins, Dustin and Angel, sleeping soundly in their cribs. I exhaled deeply.
After checking to make sure they were indeed unharmed (which they were) I went back to my room.

"Ok Paige time to go back to your own bed-" I stopped in my tracks. In my room, holding a sleeping Paige, was an alien.

"Why hello Ms. Best. As you can see, the child is sleeping. Beautiful isn't she? I love how she inherited some of her mothers features, including this purple hair..."
The alien started to stroke Paige's hair.

"Put. My. Baby. Down," I stuttered, causing the alien to smile slyly.

"And what if I don't?"

"I will blow your brains out." Neil stepped into the room, his ray gun pointed pointed at the alien's head.
The alien's black eyes widened, but then quickly went back to normal.

"Ah, Agent N, no need to get violent, I was merely going to... borrow the child and her mother for a while."

"Put her down," Neil growled, his gun still pointed at the alien's head.

"Fine, fine." The alien put Paige, who was still asleep, on the floor gently and raised his hands above his head. "You know, Agent N, I didn't expect to see you here." He backed slowly towards the window.
"You've become.... Romantically attached to Ms. Best here, haven't you?" The alien smiled at Neil smugly.

Neil shot at the alien, missing by an inch and blowing a hole in my wall, which the alien escaped through.
I screamed and Neil grabbed Paige.

"Becks you have to get the rest of the kids and get out of here."


"Get the girls and Tom and Mason and the babies and bring them with Paige to Logan's house. I will catch up with you when I can."

I stood there dumbfounded.
"GO!" Neil shouted, handing me Paige.
Neil headed for the hole in the wall.

"WAIT!" I shouted back, laying a now awake Paige on the floor.

"Becks I have to go now!" Neil exclaimed, nervously.

"I know just-" I leaned forward and our lips met in a passionate kiss. "Be safe."

"I will. I promise."
With those words, Neil leapt out the window and I grabbed Paige and ran to the girls room.

"Mom!" Maggie exclaimed as I burst through the door. "What happened, what was that sound?" Lourdes and Jeanie were sitting up in their beds.

"Neil blew a hole in the wall and we need to get to your dad's house NOW."

"WHAT? Did you seriously just gloss over the fact that Neil blew a hole in the house? What's going on mom?"
Lourdes got up from her bed and I stuck Paige in her arms.

"There's no time to explain now! Lourdes take Paige and go with Jeanie to get Tom and Mason. Once you get them go to the porch. Maggie you come with me to get the babies. We will meet you there. Now go! NOW!"

Lourdes and Jeanie ran to the boys room and I took Maggie with me to get Angel and Dustin.

Once we had the babies we met up with Lourdes, Jeanie, Tom and Mason in the foyer. Lourdes was still carrying Paige and Jeanie was carrying Mason, who was still asleep.

"Mom his fever is still high," said Jeanie, showing concern.

"We will take care of him when we get to Logan's, but we have to go now!" I called out, and led the kids across the street to Logan's door.

I banged on the door loudly with my fist.
"LOGAN. OPEN UP NOW." I yelled, and moments later the door was opened by a half dressed and slightly frazzled Logan.

"Whats going on?!?" Logan exclaimed.

"I will explain in a minute just let us in please!" I pleaded, my bare feet frozen on the concrete stones.
Logan looked beyond me at the kids, who were visibly shivering in the cold night, and his eyes widened.

"Come in quick!" He instructed and took Angel from my arms, allowing me to help usher the rest of the kids in.
I took one more look back at the house, a huge gaping hole in my bedroom wall, and followed Logan and the kids into the house.

I had a lot of explaining to do


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