Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Some Secrets You Just Can't Keep (Babies # 11, 12 and 13 part 2 of 3)

Jed's P.O.V

"Quick! Get in!" Eliza hissed as she grabbed my hand and pulled me into her small trailer.

As soon as we got in the house Eliza pulled me into a hug. "Jed! I've missed you! Sorry about that but if anyone saw me with someone other than Darwin, it would be a mess!" 
That's right. Eliza and Darwin just got married the past month.
"So how are the girls? they must be teens by now." I asked Eliza.
"actually their birthday will be soon, their still children yet!"

"So how's Becks?" Eliza asked. "you know i worry about her."
"Becks is doing great! The Girls are ageing up tomorrow." I said.
"She's not pregnant is she?!"
"no i'm going to wait till after we tell her about you"

"I hope Rose will be as beautiful as you"
"thanks Jed, but flattery won't get you out of telling her the truth with me. I'm not doing this alone." Eliza said with a hint of humor. "but thank you for the compliment, all the same"
we sat on the couch and chatted a bit. we talked about the girls and Darwin and things that have happened since we last saw each other.

All too soon, it was time for me to leave. Rose had to be put to bed and the things had to be set up for the girls birthday party tomorrow. I pulled Eliza in for one last hug.
"see you later"

Becks P.O.V

Rose is so hard to get to sleep. No matter how many time's i sing to her or read her books, she always stands up in her crib and cries "mwommy! me no sweepy! me want daddy!"

since Jed must have been working late...again, i decided to try something.
"well," i said as i scooped her out of her crib. "there's only one thing we can do about that Rosey"
"what dat Mwommy?" Rose giggled

"THE CLAW! its gonna get you Rosey and it's gonna...."
"gonna what Mwommy?"

Rose laughed so hard I almost dropped her. But it worked, and i got her to sleep without daddy.
"mission accomplished" i whispered as i carefully shut the nursery door.

as i crept out the hallway, i saw Jed walking in the door.
"working late?" i asked quietly
"what? oh yeah, working late. Is Rose asleep?
"Yeah, but she wanted her daddy"
Jed laughed

"ready to go to bed?" i asked in my sexiest voice.
"uh, i'm going to go check on the kids" Jed said nervously before he rushed up the stairs. This was the second night in a row he hasn't wanted to woo hoo with me. Weird.

I lay in my bed waiting for Jed, but he never came and i ended up falling asleep alone.
The next day came fast. and i was awaken by Rose sitting on my bed.

"mwommy wake up? i want my birthday!"
"i'm coming sweety" i yawned as i rolled out of bed and realized that i still had my clothes from yesterday on.

it was too late to change, so i walked into the dining room and set the cakes out on the table.
it was time for my girls to age up. Being the oldest Natialie and Olivia went first.

Olivia and Natalie 

Next went Molly, Grace and Frost

Molly and Grace

Then, last but not least little Rosey aged up into a fun loving kid.
(in order left to right: Frost, Molly, Grace and Rose)

I decided to visit Lilianna today. Apparently her and her new husband had a private wedding and now she is expecting my first grandchild! 

On the way home I dropped into visit someone I havent seen in a while....
(i'm sorry! I had to move Sam out in a rush so I could move my family into a new home!)

Sam had grown into a handsome young man and i was surprised he was still single! 
he looked a lot like me, but with his fathers hair and eye colour.

After catching up with my older children, I took Rose out to the park.
she loved the seesaw so I played on it with her for a bit.

~ ~ ~

Tonight, I decided that I was going to get pregnant. With only 4 kids, the house felt empty. The only problem with my decision was that Jed had been avoiding me lately, sometimes even waiting for me to fall asleep before going to bed. I have no idea whats going on with him but i know one thing for sure: after tonight, I will be pregnant :)

~ ~ ~ 

i'm sorry to say I will not be doing a Christmas post this year :( 
I might do a new years post (no promises) 
hope everyone had a good Christmas with lots of family friends and fun!

Friday, 16 December 2011

When in Doubt, Tell the Truth (Baby's #11, 12 and 13 Part 1 of 3)

Jed's P.O.V.

Rose looked so much like Eliza it was amazing. She had Eliza's red hair and blue eyes and daring personality.

I wish that there was an easier way to do this. I don't know if Becks is ready for the truth yet, but with Rose looking just like Eliza, we couldn't postpone it any longer. I was excited and scared as I dialed Eliza's number on my cell for the first time in years.

"Hello?" my heart skipped a beat at the sound of her voice. "Hi Eliza it's me, Jed".
"OMG hey Jed. How's life treating you and Becks?" I carefully explained mine and Becks challenge to Eliza. "so your telling me that you and Becks have TEN children, and nobody told me!" "I'm so sorry Eliza, but this isn't what i need to talk to you about today."

"Ok so whats more important than discussing the fact that you have 10 children?" I took a deep breath before i replied "one of them looks just like you." ..... Silence. "Eliza! are you still there?" "yea i'm still here" Eliza replied shakily. "you know we are going to have to tell her now, right Jed?" "yea I realized that" I said with a heavy heart. "you ok Jed? Come over later and we can figure out what to tell her, and take her on vacation or something, get her de-stressed before we tell her ok?" "ok " i replied before saying goodbye and hanging up.

after the call i knew just what to do. I called up my Realtor and hoarded the family into the van and we drove across town too...

Our new home! fully furnished and decorated with all the bells and whistles!

As Soon as the kids got out of the car and we said goodbye, me and Becks drove off to a spa resort for the weekend. I hope she will be a bit more ready after this.

Olivia's P.O.V

We were all amazed. Where did dad get the idea for this? not that it matters, the house is amazing! The kiddo's loved the sandbox. i swear they spent all day in there.

I preferred the trampoline. It was so much fun! I don't know why we didn't get mom and dad to buy one of these earlier.

I guess Molly got tired of the sandbox, because she decided to play princess. She acted like a little princess anyways so i guess it wasn't hard for her to play pretend.

Me and Natalie didn't want to risk burning down the house while mom and dad where out so we ordered a pizza. I wish i could have pizza everyday!

The kiddo's liked the pizza too, well i think they did. They were too busy stuffing their faces to tell me that they did.

After some more playing, it was time for bed. Rose was really tired from the move and fell asleep in her swing right away.

Bright and early in the morning, still in her princess outfit (I think that she slept in it!) Molly took Bananas out for a well deserved walk before school.

since mom and dad wouldn't be home until after school, we hired a babysitter for Rose. I don't remember his name, but he was really cute and Rose loved him (oh and did i already tell you how cute he was?)

Becks P.O.V.

When i got home from mine and Jed's vacation, i saw Frost walking around the house. "Frost! did you go to school today? tell me the truth." "uh...no" Frost whimpered. I was very mad at Frost until he convinced me that it was because he missed the bus. "that's ok Frost, but don't let it happen again!".

tonight was prom night for the girls. Olivia won prom queen, which surprised me because it seemed that Natalie was the more popular of the two.
here are their prom pictures.

Jed's P.O.V.

As i heard the door open my heart stopped. there she was.


Hey! I hoped you enjoyed this post! Can't believe that its almost Christmas! I will try to get the next post out before Christmas if i can! thank you so much for reading!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas is Coming!!!


this is my current household all dressed up for Christmas!

just wanted to spread some holiday spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Little Red (baby #10)

Becks P.O.V

as i was getting ready for my date with Jed, i felt two warm hands grab my waist and saw a smiling face in the mirror next to mine "hurry up already Becks you've been getting ready for hours!" Jed said jokingly. it was true though. i just couldn't get my makeup right. "just one more minute!" i joked.

"your not getting one more minute!" Jed exclaimed as he pulled me into a hug. "you look perfect... now lets go!"
"okay, okay!" i said as he started to drag me out to the car "i'm coming!"


Jed's P.O.V

as we drove to the restaurant, i couldn't help but notice how happy Becks looked. I felt guilty. I knew how happy she would be if we just told her the truth, but Eliza said that Becks wasn't ready ready yet. I knew in my heart that Eliza was right about that, but I just wanted to tell her. I don't want the past to hurt her anymore, but i know that she isn't ready for the truth yet, so i erased the thoughts from my head. I was going to enjoy my night with Becks, I wasn't going to let that bother me.

when we got to the restaurant, i forgot all my worries. It was amazing! It was so Italian looking that it made me want to go to Italy for real. Me and Becks sat down at our reserved table and ate our authentic Italian meal (spaghetti and meatballs of course!) after it was finished we talked for a while, something we didnt get to do at home.

It wasnt hard to make Becks laugh. just mention something funny that the toddlers did or something that happened at work and her face just lit up. She has an amazing smile that can brighten up a whole room.

Becks P.O.V

When it came time to leave, i didnt really want to go home. i  knew that Sam was taking good care of the kids and i wanted to spend more time alone with Jed, but i knew that we had to go home. Jed pulled me into a romantic kiss and we headed home.

when we got home it was baby making time! after a few minutes, baby #10 was conceived. 

The next morning i got straight to teaching the toddlers how to walk. they are all fast learners, and by the end of the day they could all walk.

Grace was the most stubborn. she just didnt get why she had to walk. crawling was so much easier! but i finally got her to walk and put her in the swing for a nap. i dont think that Molly got much of a nap. Jed was playing with her almost the whole time she was in the swing!

Frost loved walking. It only took me half the time to teach him how to walk that it did for the others.

After a good nights sleep, it was time to teach the kiddo's how to talk. Molly went first as always. every time i asked her to say a word, she made the cutest little thinking face!

"Cmon Molly say 'bottle' for mommy! "

"Bwottle!" Molly exclaimed in her sweet little baby voice.

Frost was so patient sitting in the swing. I dont know why i didnt buy one of these for the first triplets. it's a life saver!

Shortly after teaching Grace how to talk, i went into labor. the pains were mild, so i assumed that this was going to be a single birth.

After a few minutes of pain, out popped baby number 10, Rose.

she was such a sweet baby, but strangely, she didnt look much like me or Jed.
whoever she looked like she was an angel. she had such a happy personality even as a baby
and she loved the swing. she stayed in the swing the whole time that i was potty training the toddlers so i could have some birthdays.

the first ones to age up were Natalie and Olivia.
they are both gorgeous girls and straight A students with great senses of humor. any guy would be lucky to have them.

Next to age up were the triplets, molly grace and frost.
molly had to have everything her way and it had to be perfect. 
Grace hated anything competitive,
and being a little boy, Frost was a bit, well inappropriate.

Last was my little baby. everyone in the house showed up for her birthday party.
and then she aged up with bright blue eyes instead of jeds pale blue ones and bright red hair.
"what i pretty angel you are!" i cooed and she laughed.

Jeds P.O.V

Its time to tell her. i better go call Eliza.