Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Becks P.O.V

Waking up was now just as hard as falling asleep. Rolling over to find no warm body on the other side of the bed, crying myself to sleep.
I had to be strong though. If I wanted Maggie Jeanie and Lourdes back I needed to be strong.
Mason's cries echoed through the now seemingly empty house. I hauled myself out of bed to go get him. Natalie had reluctantly left the day before, after much begging and promising that I could look after the boys myself.

I got to the nursery and Mason was standing up in his crib, shaking the gate and screaming. I lifted him up out of the crib and checked on Tom, who was still sound asleep. That boy could sleep through anything. I rocked Mason back and forth in my arms.
"Whats wrong sweetie?" I cooed

"Mason hungry!!" He whispered and I brought him downstairs for some food. I was just giving Mason his bottle when Tom woke up and started screaming, much like his brother. I made a grunting noise and headed back upstairs. When I got there, Tom was sitting on the floor, playing with his bear.
"Tom! How did you-"

Chloe jumped out from behind a crib almost giving me a heart attack.
"CHLOE! WHAT THE HELL" I screamed and she laughed
"I had to make a delivery" She pulled out a gift box and shoved it into my arms.
"Now, go put that on before Logan gets here with the children!" Chloe pushed me out of the nursery.

I went to my room, contemplating whether giving Chloe keys to my house was a good idea. Inside the gift box was a red Christmas sweater. I pulled it on along with a pair of pants and went downstairs, taking down and not bothering to do anything else with my hair.

I got downstairs just as Logan walked in the door. We looked at each other awkwardly and then quickly at Chloe, who had a devious smile on her face.
Chloe had gotten Logan and I matching Christmas sweaters.
I made a mental note to remind myself to kill her later.

Before either of us could say anything, Mia ran into the house.
"MOM!" She screamed and jumped into my arms. "I missed you SO MUCH! LOOK! I lost my teeth!!! The tooth fairy gave me 10 WHOLE DOLLARS!! 5 for each tooth!"
Mia gave me a huge smile to reveal her two missing teeth.
"Oh my goodness! That's awesome Mia!" I smiled and the other kids came in.

"MOM!" The rest of the kids dog piled me, before Logan could say 'Be Careful'
"Becks!" Logan yelped and quickly pulled Chance off the top of the pile.
"Guys! Be careful with your mom! You're not as small as you used to be!"

Logan got the rest of the kids off of me and helped me up.
"Now say sorry" Logan looked at Lourdes, Maggie, Jeanie and Chance who all chimed "Sorry" in unison.
I got a kiss from each of my girls and a hug from Chance.
"Your not going to give mommy a kiss Chance?" I asked and he shook his head.
"Mommy, I'm a big boy now, and big boys don't kiss their mommys. And girls have cooties anyways."
I pulled him into a big hug and kissed his cheek. "Your never too big to give your mommy a kiss" I whispered in his ear and he ran off to play with his siblings in the living room.


It was almost suppertime and Jeanie was helping me make Christmas dinner, while Lourdes played silent night on the piano, one she had quickly learned when she heard that it was my favorite Christmas song.
Chance was setting the table while Maggie and Lourdes played with Mason and Tom.

The house smelled amazing and all of my kids were happy, I couldn't have asked for more as Jeanie helped me cook.

Mia and Logan got home from getting some last minute things and Mia ran over to me.
"Mom! Look! It's snowing!!!"
I gave her a strange look.
"Mia... I don't think it snows in Sunlit Tides..."
I looked at Logan and he shook his head.
"Nope, she is telling the truth! We are getting a white Christmas, come see!"

I reluctantly followed Mia and Logan outside and sure enough, fluffy white flakes of snow were falling from the sky, and a bit had already accumulated on the ground.
Mia came over and I lifted her into my arms.
"Its a Christmas miracle mom!" She chimed
"Yes, Mia, it most certainly is!"


Logan and I returned home from Natalie's Christmas party and tucked the kids into bed, before heading downstairs to be "Santa's".
After all of the gifts were under the tree Logan and I lay on the couch and looked at the tree.
Logan handed me a letter. "This came for you today in the mail, its from Eliza."
I took the letter and opened it. I pulled out a card with a dog eating birthday cake on the front and opened it only to be showered with confetti.

"Happy Birthday Little Sis! Love: Eliza xoxo" I smiled and closed the card.
"What!? When was your birthday? Did I miss it?" Logan asked me looking worried. I shook my head. "Actually... My birthday is today..."
Logan was in shock. "Your birthday is today, on Christmas eve, and you never told me! I didn't even get to get you a present!"

"Its ok, you don't have to give me a present! Its just a birthday."
"Nonsense!" Logan stood up and pulled me off the couch.
"Let me take you to the park to go skating!It will be fun"
I frowned. "But what about the kids? Someone needs to stay with them."
"Adele and Dai are here, they can keep an eye on the kids"
I reluctantly agreed and after Logan told Dai and Adele where we were going, we left.

(*Side note: You all know whats going to happen here, Dai and Adele are home alone... Its kind of obvious. If it isn't obvious, you are too young to be reading this. If you don't like this kind of thing, skip this part in Dai's P.O.V, this is a fair warning)

Dai's P.O.V

"Why don't we go outside?" I suggested
"Dai, its freezing cold and there is snow on the ground! What would we do outside?"
"I know where mom keeps the keys to the lock on the fence with the hot tub...."
Adele's eyes widened. "Dai, i'm not getting in the hot tub! Its freezing cold out there!"
"That's why its called a hot tub! Come on it will be awesome, I promise."

Adele went to change into her swim suit while I changed into mine. She returned wearing a revealing red bikini that looked amazing on her. Well, everything looks amazing on her, but when she came out in that bikini my heart leaped in my chest.
"Uh.. Yup!" I stuttered and we headed out to the hot tub.

Neither of us hesitated to get out of the cold air and into the hot water. We sat in the hot tub trying to keep as much of our bodies underwater as possible. I wrapped my arm around Adele, who looked gorgeous with her cheeks a bright red from the cold. I kissed her passionately and she kissed me back.
I pulled her body closer to mine and held her face in my hands our lips melting together in the heat radiating from the water.

Then, Adele undid her bikini top and let it fall into the water. When she started to push down my shorts I stopped her.
"Adele, are you sur--"
She placed two fingers on my lips to cut me off and looked deeply into my eyes.
"I trust you Dai" Adele whispered and she pushed off my shorts and pressed her body up against mine.

Adele's hands ran up and down my back and mine hers, any space between us had dissapeard as we held each other. Adele's hot breath on my cold neck made me shiver in pleasure, this was perfect.
I thrust my body into hers, and she let a moan of pleasure. Her whole body started to glow red, and then mine, but I wasn't scared. Adele was mine and I was hers, and I would do anything for her.

"I love you Adele" I whispered in her ear when we broke apart.
"I love you too Dai"
I held her in my arms and suddenly I was overcome with my feelings.
"Will you marry me Adele?" The words escaped my mouth before I could close it.

Adele let go of me and looked at me with a surprised look on her face.
"Not.. Not now! But you know, when we get older. I love you Adele, you are my everything and I couldn't bear to spend a moment without you. I want to spend forever with you."
I stopped and searched her face for a response.
"Oh Dai..." Adele stared into my eyes with her deep green ones.

"I'm sorry... You don't have to give me an answer now...."
Adele smiled. "Of course I wan't to be with you forever you silly boy. I love you Dai."
I let out a sigh of relief and we both smiled.
We went inside and fell asleep together on my bed, dreaming of spending the rest of our lives together.


"MOM! MOM! Wake up! Santa came!!"

I opened my eyes to see Maggie in my room, shaking in excitement.
"There are so many presents! Come on!"
" I'm coming!!" I assured Maggie before getting out of bed.
She ran excitedly out of my room. 

For the first time since Jed died, I had no trouble falling asleep or staying asleep the night before.
Logan and I had a wonderful time skating, even though we both fell more than once and I don't think Logan's pride was the only thing he hurt by the way he was rubbing his back.
He kept in good spirits, loudly yelling "I'M OK!" every time he fell. 
It was the best birthday I could remember.

I smiled as I walked downstairs to see all of the kids in their pajamas waiting to open their gifts. 
Logan had even gotten Tom and Mason down to the living room in their matching Christmas pajamas.
As they opened their gifts, I admired my beautiful family and amazing friends. The smiles on their faces when they got what they wanted made me happier than ever.

I looked at Mason and Tom playing with their teddy bears and smiled. "Merry Christmas" I whispered,
"Merry Christmas"


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Friday, 21 December 2012

Some Things are Best Left Unspoken

I didn't say a word in the days leading up to or following the funeral. Days and weeks passed by in a mist of people coming to send their condolences.
Not all of my kids could make it. It wasnt a cheap trip to Sunlit Tides and It was almost Christmas. Cassy and Robin dropped by one day... I can't remember when.
I also think I saw Yasmeen, although I can't remember much about it at all.

"Becks... Wake up, you need to eat something" Natalie nudged me where I slept on the couch.
I sat up and silently took the bowl of soup from her.
Natalie was hell bent on me eating, I had lost a considerable amount of weight since Jed died.
"Still not talking, huh?" Natalie plopped down on the couch next to me and sighed.
I quickly finished my soup and handed back the empty bowl.

The doorbell rang for the hundredth time and Natalie got up to answer it.
"Is Becks awake?" I heard Chloe ask, and Logan cough in the background.
"Yeah she is over here" I cringed. I didn't want to see anyone, especially two of my best friends who were going to try to get me to talk.
Chloe and Logan walked over to the couch and sat next to it on the floor.

"Hey Becks..." Chloe said carefully. "Natalie said that you are doing better, your getting up to eat" I opened my eyes and looked at Chloe. She was wearing a black coat and boots.
Chloe sighed. "I hope you come back to us soon Becks, we really miss you." She got up and left me alone in the living room with Logan.

Logan pulled a card out of his pocket. "I got you a card..." He laid it on the floor and looked at me.
His green eyes looked sad. I know him and Jed didn't get along that well, but he looked as if someone he knew very well was gone.
"The girls and Chance miss you... They can't wait for you to get better so they can come see you."
My babies. I missed them so much. I longed to ask how they were doing, but that would mean breaking my oath of silence. Tears started to roll down my face.

Logan stood up. "I.. I better get going now" He stuttered and started to walk away.
"Wait.." I choked, my voice dry and cracked. Logan spun around and knelt back on the floor infront of me.
"Becks! You're-" I cut him off by putting my hand over his mouth.

"Shhh, I just wanted to ask how the kids are doing..." I whispered.
Logan nodded and smiled. "Well, Lourdes is doing really good with her piano lessons. She can play two new songs now. Maggie has started reading the Harry Potter books. Its been 3 days and she is already on the second book."
I smiled. Thats my Lourdes and Maggie.

"How is Jeanie?" I whispered. 
"She is still trying to find out what she likes, although she is painting now and she is very good at it. She made a picture for you for when she gets to see you again, she wont let me see it, but im sure its wonderful if Jeanie made it."
"I wan't to see them" I squeaked. "I miss them too much."
Logan looked at me surprised. "Are you sure your ready?"
I nodded and Logan left to go get the girls.

About 20 minutes later I heard the door open again.
Maggie, Jeanie and Lourdes were talking and Logan shushed them.
"Mom is over here" I heard him say and he lead them to the couch.
I sat up, Maggie came over first.

"Hi mommy" She waved
"Hi Maggie darling, come here" Maggie walked over to the couch and sat on my lap.
"Mommy, when can we come home? I miss you and my room, and daddy can't cook half as good as you can."
I pulled Maggie into a hug. "Soon sweetie, soon."

Lourdes was next. "Hi mommy!" she said happily.
"Hi baby, dad said you learned some new songs."
Lourdes smiled proudly. " I did! I learned frosty the snow man and jingle bells for Christmas!"
"Thats great Lourdes! Will you play them for me when you come home?"
Lourdes nodded furiously. "Definitely!"

Jeanie was last. "Hi mommy, I painted you a picture! Do you want to see it?"
I smiled. "Of course I do"
Jeanie lifted up a painting of a family. "Its me, you , daddy, Maggie and Lourdes."
"I love it" I said and Jeanie smiled. "Why don't you put it over on the table and I will hang it on the wall later."
I kissed her on the head and Jeanie nodded and laid her painting carefully on the table.

"Mom," Jeanie paused before walking away. "Are we going to get to come home for Christmas?"
Jeanie looked at me hopefully. I had almost forgotten about Christmas. How could I miss spending Christmas with my darling girls?
I looked at Logan who smiled at me and nodded.
"Yes baby, how about you come home on Christmas eve and we can spend all night together?"

All three girls clapped in delight. "See you on Christmas eve mommy!" Jeanie waved and the girls left with Logan.
I stood up and smiled. I was going to get to spend Christmas with my girls.


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Sunday, 16 December 2012

'Til Death Do Us Part

Becks P.O.V

"Hold still or I swear I will make you look like a clown." Natalie threatened as I squirmed, trying to see what she was doing to my face in the mirror.
I quickly stopped moving, knowing that Natalie was not joking around.
There were 20 minutes left and Chloe and Natalie were frantically trying to get every thing together for the ceremony.

"I can't find Jeanie!" Chloe fretted as she tried to fix Maggie's hair.
"MOMMM!" Lourdes yelled "I'm hungry!"
Chloe threw a box of crackers at her.
"Ok, voila!" Natalie spun me around and I saw myself in the mirror.

"Thank-you Natalie, I look beautiful!" I hugged Natalie.
"10 more minutes! We are going to have to leave without Jeanie." Chloe instructed and we walked out to the car.

"Mom! Mom! Wait!" Jeanie ran after me holding something in her hands.
"I made this for you to wear!" Jeanie chimed and she placed a flower crown on my head.
I kissed her on the forehead. "I love it Jeanie! Now come on, or we're going to be late!"

Jeanie and got in the car and we drove to the beach, where I would get to marry Jed all over again.
Jed's P.O.V

I parked the car out in front of the jewelry store. It was a pretty peaceful day, perfect for the vow renewal ceremony at the beach. Sunlit Tides was eerily quiet for 9 in the morning, and the ring of the bell when I opened the door to the small jewelry store seemed to be loud like an alarm.

I was here to pick up one last thing on the way to the ceremony, a small diamond ring with purple crystals. The jewelry store had held it for me so Becks or none of the kids would find it, and I was excited to surprise her with it. We had agreed that a second ring wouldn't be necessary, but I had to get her something nice to express my love. I was so glad that she came home and we were going to live out the rest of our lives together with our two new sons, and hopefully 100 children.

A woman's shrill scream echoed across the room and a gunshot rang out. 2 large figures in black had entered the store, armed with guns. The force of an explosion behind me shattered the glass windows of the store and threw me forward and into a showcase. Shards of glass penetrated my hands and back as I fell to the ground.

The store was now engulfed in flames from the explosion , and a thick black smoke was starting to form in the air. I tried to stand but another explosion knocked me back down again. A sharp, searing pain came in my chest and I looked down at a shard of glass embedded in my left chest. My vision was a blur and my thoughts scattered. I couldn't speak or move and I could see a bright light. Scarlet blood was pouring from my chest. I knew what was happening, my body went numb and one clear memory flashed in my head.

 Becks, and our two sons. My life was quickly slipping away and I held on to that last memory. I love you Becks, I thought to myself as everything went black.


Becks P.O.V

"Try calling him again!" I panicked, shoving the phone back into Chloe's hand. "He should have been here an hour ago!"

"Becks, I just called 2 minutes ago and there was no response. He is probably just caught in traffic."

Jed still wasn't at the beach and I was holding back tears. "Chloe you know there isn't much traffic here, what if he isn't coming!?" Chloe patted my back.

"Of course he is coming! He wouldn't miss marrying you again for the world!"

"Then why is he not here!" I sat on the small couch and sobbed, the tears that I had been holding back flowing out of my eyes. There was a knock at the door of the small beach house.

"Who is it?"

"It's Logan...Can I come in? Is everything alright?"

"Come in" Chloe said before I could protest. When Logan opened the door, I could hear the uneasy murmuring of the crowd, and Tom crying. I turned away. I didn't want him to see me like this. Logan lay his hand on my shoulder and I jerked it away.

"Come on Becks, don't be like that! Im sure he will be here any minute." I sighed and turned around. "Why dont we go for a walk, get some fresh air?"
"Ok." We walked out the back door of the beach house and walked away from the area that was set up for the ceremony. Suddenly sirens started blaring through the quiet town.
I whipped my head around and saw smoke rising from the center of town. Panic begin to set in. There was a fire! I looked at Logan who was also staring wide eyed at the burning building. Most of the guests were with us now, looking down into the town.

My phone rang in my pocket and I almost tore it out. Jed's name was on the caller id.

"Oh my gosh Jed where are you I was worried to death!" I rambled into the phone. The sound of a man clearing his throat came from the other end.

"Mrs. Best, Im sorry to inform you that there has been an accident.....
There was a break in at the jewelry store...
The robbers used explosives to break in...
Your husband Jed... Was killed in one of these explosions...
Im so sorry..."


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