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E.T. ~ New Beginnings Chapter 2

*Authors note: Hey! Hope you dont get too confused by all the P.O.V hopping, ENJOY!*

3rd Person P.O.V

"The ship hasnt moved for 2 days sir." A dark blue haired man pointed at a green dot on the radar screen. The man he was addressing leaned in and peered at the screen.
"Its above Sunlit Tides" He observed and the dark blue haired man nodded.

"Has there been any suspicious activity there in the past few days? Any reports of missing people?"
"No there- wait... Just then a report popped up. A female is missing in that area."
The dark blue hair man looked at the other man who nodded deeply, before speaking into a headset.
"Send in Agent N, we've got a code 7."


Becks P.O.V
I slowly opened my eyes and saw only blackness. I winced in pain as my stomach cramped and sat up.
I didn't know how long I had been in this room, but something had changed. Every other time I woke up, the lights were on and the heart monitor was beeping at a steady pace. Now, there wasn't a sound to be made and the lack of light made me dizzy.

suddenly, the door of the room slid open and heavy footsteps came closer and closer to the bed. I held my breath and strained my eyes to see who or what was coming and I almost screamed.
The silloutte of a man stood in the doorway, and in his hand was a gun.


Dai's P.O.V
Cassandra and Robin took no time getting here and asking for every little detail about the night mom disappeared. Cassy was calm and collected, while Robin paced back and forth across the living room floor.
We finally came to the decision to report her as missing. Robin relayed everything I had told him back to the police and they decided that they wouldn't make it public yet, but they would keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

It had to have been the longest day ever. Robin and Cassy, having done all they could do, had to return home to their children. They told me to call them if I heard anything. Adele and I lay on the couch, waiting for any confirmation that mom was ok. After an agonizing 12 hours of worry, the phone rang and I snatched it up.

"Is this Dai Best?" the voice asked and I quickly responded.
"Yes it is." I bit my lip preparing for the worst.
"Dai, we found your mom. We are sending her home with one of our people as we speak."
I almost let out a cry of relief. Mom was ok.
"Thank you so much!" I breathed into the phone and then hung up.
Adele kissed me and we ran out to the porch to wait for mom to come home.


Becks P.O.V

The man walked across the room to the stretcher where I was lying, and rested his hand on my shoulder.
"Please don't hurt me!" I pleaded, tears running down my face.
"Are you Becks Best?" The man asked, in a calm, slow voice.
I blinked away the tears and nodded. The man slid his arm around my waist and I jerked away, causing pain to shot through my stomach and head.

"Its ok Becks, I won't hurt you. I'm going to get you out of here, ok? " The mans voice put me at ease, and I let him wrap his muscular arm around my waist. He helped me off of the cold metal stretcher and helped me balance myself on my feet. My legs felt like jello. How long had it been since I stood up? I tried to catch a glance at the mans face, but it was to dark to see any of his features, other than his broad, muscular shoulders.

 "Come on, lets get out of here." The man offered me his hand and I crossed my arms in front of my chest. "I already told you i'm not going to hurt you! If we don't hurry they will find us." His voice was still calm like before, but with a hint of urgency. I let him grab my wrist and he gently lead me down the cold, dark hallway. We walked for what seemed like forever, my bare feet aching from the cold metal floor. All of a sudden, the hallway ended, and a metal wall rose up in front up us.

"Shit! It's a dead end!" The man exclaimed and a hissing laugh came from the darkness behind us.
"Its a trap too, although I'm sure you already came to that conclusion yourself N."
A male looking creature with green skin in a futuristic body suit stepped into the dim light of the hallway.
The man, N, or whatever his name was, swung me into his arms and pointed his gun at the man, who was an alien by the looks of it. I gasped as N pulled me closer to him, until I could almost feel his hot breath on my neck. I stared in horror as the alien came closer to us.

"What are you doing here? Saving the girl I suppose? Well its too late!"
The alien hissed at N and I gasped. Too late? What had they done to me! Another pain shot through my stomach and I almost passed out in N's arms.
N growled "What are you doing here! We had a deal. You could stay in our galaxy if, and only if, you didn't cause trouble!
"We weren't causing trouble, we were just..... experimenting." The alien hissed, putting extra emphasis on the word 'experimenting'. An evilly cold grin formed on his face.
"That's it!" N yelled and pulled the trigger on his gun. A yellow ray of light shot out and literally vaporized the alien.

I froze in horror and N grabbed my hand and dragged me back down the hallway. Lights came down from the ceiling and flashed red and a voice came on over a hidden speaker system.
Sirens blared and N yelled "RUN!"
We ran back down the hallway we came through, every step sending shooting pain through my body. I clutched my stomach with my arm and yelled out in pain. N grabbed my other arm and continued to pull me along. We came to a door which N shot down to reveal just blackness.

"WE NEED TO JUMP" N yelled over the sirens
"I'M NOT JUMPING" I yelled back, my vision blurry from the pain.
A beam of light streaked across the room about 2 inches away from my face, charring the wall in front of me.
I screamed and N wrapped his arms around me.
N hurtled us into the blackness just as the pain took over and I passed out.


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