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A New Addition (Baby #26): New Beginnings Chapter 5

Becks P.O.V

I don't remember what led to me falling asleep on the couch with Neil's muscular arms wrapped around me, but it was nice, in a weird kind of way.

He must have felt me move, because he opened his eyes. He looked over to me and blushed. I blushed too, and he awkwardly unwrapped his arms from my body.

"I-uh I'm going to go get dressed now," Neil stuttered.
"Yeah, me too."

I pulled out an over-sized maternity hoodie, that was surprisingly snug. My stomach was so big now, if it got any bigger it might explode. The baby had to be coming soon.

In the kitchen, Neil was feeding Mason and Tom, and the girls were leaving for school.
Maggie, Lourdes and Jeanie walked into the foyer and I heard Maggie yell "Daddy!"
I hurried into the foyer and saw Logan with Maggie on his shoulders and the other girls giggling. Logan put Maggie down when he saw me and the girls left the house.

"Oh my gosh!" Logan exclaimed, putting his hands on my huge stomach. "Are you having triplets? You're huge!"
We both laughed.
"Actually, I'm only having one."

"No way! That's crazy!"

"Actually it isn't," Neil walked into the foyer. "Alien babies grow much larger in the womb than human babies."

Logan snarled.
"What's this guy doing here? I thought we told you not to come back."

Neil frowned, and I stepped between them.

"I called him. I was wrong, I needed his help with the pregnancy. I was having blackouts."

Logan instantly became worried.
"Oh my gosh, are you ok?"

I nodded. "Yes. Neil filled me in on what I needed to do to get through the pregnancy and since he came I've been fine."

Logan's frown didn't go away.
"You could have called me..." he trailed off, before angrily turning to Neil again.
"Listen here popsicle, if you step out of line again you will be dealing with me, and I'm not going easy on you this time." Logan flashed his razor sharp fangs at Neil and then turned toward the door.

I frowned.
"Wait, Logan! You can stay here for a while if you want."

"I have to go home," He replied harshly without turning around. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes, I never meant to hurt his feelings by calling Neil first.

"Logan," I said again, putting my hand on his shoulder. I was about to apologize when I felt a warm liquid drip down my leg, followed by a hard pain in my abdomen.

The baby was coming.

I must have tightened my grip on Logan's shoulder because he whipped around. Upon seeing the pain in my expression and the puddle that had formed on the floor, his eyes widened.
Neil noticed too and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Becks! The baby is coming, we have to get you to the hospital now!" He exclaimed.

"I'm not going to the hospital," I said through gritted teeth.
Both men looked at me like I had grown an extra head.

"WHAT?!" They shouted in unison.

"I'm not going to the hospital. I don't like hospitals," I winced. Ever since Jed's death I had avoided hospitals as much as possible. Bad things happened at hospitals.

"Becks listen to me, you have to go to the hospital," Neil pleaded. I shook my head.
Neil was about to get down on his knees and beg me when Logan stopped him.

"Stop. I've know Becks longer than you have and I know that no amount of begging is going to get her to listen if she has her mind set. She is having the baby here whether you like it or not."

Neil sighed loudly.
"Well if that's the case, help me get her to the bath tub."

Logan and Neil hoisted me up and carried me to the bathroom, where Logan put me in the tub and helped me get undressed.

Contractions were wracking my body and I couldn't help but yell out in pain. Neil ran the water in the bathtub and started stripping off his own clothes. Logan gaped at him.

"WHAT THE HECK?!" he exclaimed.

"Take off your clothes," Neil instructed Logan.

"WHAT? NO!" Logan retorted and Neil glared at him.

"Do you want your clothes to get covered in embryonic goo?"


"Well strip!"

Logan reluctantly stripped down to his underwear.

My contractions got closer and closer together and finally Neil and Logan helped me into position to start pushing. Logan took my hands and I squeezed his so tight that I could see the pain in his face.

"Ok Becks, PUSH!" Neil yelled and I pushed.

The pain was unbearable, and I yelled out, pushing as hard as I could without fainting. The pressure was relieved and I heard a splash and the cry of a baby.

"It's a girl!" Neil exclaimed and I relaxed and let myself sink into the warm water.

Neil handed me my baby girl and I held her close to me. Her eyes opened to reveal big black spheres.
She cooed and I admired her soft purple hair and green skin.

"What's her name?" Logan asked, looking at her in amazement.

"Paige," I replied and snuggled her.

Neil and Logan were smiling like idiots.

Chloe was standing in the bathroom door, her eyes wide and her open mouth full of marshmallows.
She looked at Logan and Neil, and then at me.
"Why are you two not wearing anything and OH MY GOSH BECKS! She is beautiful!"

Logan and Neil both blushed and I handed Paige to Chloe.
Chloe held her for a minute, before handing her back to me and rushing upstairs to the nursery to get something to dress her in.
She pulled a sweet little cloth diaper on her and put a bow in her thin purple hair.

I cuddled her again, and looked around at my friends, who were all smiles. The worries I had earlier about raising my baby alone vanished. I wasn't alone, I had the best friends in the world to help me through.


The kids aged up when they came home from school.
Tom and Mason aged into beautiful children, looking more and more like their father each day. The two were inseparable, and did everything together.

The triplets aged into stunning teenagers, all of them a perfect mix of Logan and I.
Maggie was still the fashionista/bookworm, and you could always find her with her nose in a book or sketching fashion designs of her own.

Lourdes had expanded her music beyond just the piano and upon aging up requested guitar and singing lessons.

Jeanie still loved her art, and was experimenting with different mediums, the latest being sketching.


It was around 11pm, and the house was quiet. Neil had gone for the night to get some more clothes and things for his stay, and Chloe had gone home. Only Logan and I remained in the living room, the kids all asleep, including Paige, who was asleep in Logan's arms.

I was almost asleep myself when I heard a knock on the door. I quietly got off the couch where Logan and Paige were sleeping and tiptoed to the door. When I opened it, I was shocked to see Dai and Adele standing outside.

"Come in!" I whispered and they followed me into the living room. I gently shook Logan awake and his sleepy face became surprised when he saw his daughter. He gently laid Paige in the play pen and hugged Adele.

"How is my baby girl?" He asked, and she nervously looked at the floor. Dai wrapped his arm around her shoulder and whispered something in her ear.

"Mom, dad. We have something to tell you," Dai spoke. He looked at Adele and smiled like an idiot.
"Go on Adele, tell them!"

Adele gripped Dai's hand.
"I'm pregnant."
Neither Logan or I said a word. We just stood there shocked.

Dai looked at me. "Look, I know we're not married yet but we are planning the wedding and we can make this work and-" I cut him off with a huge hug.

"Congratulations!" I kissed my son on the cheek, and then gave Adele a hug too.
Logan hugged them both.

Adele nervously hugged her dad and Logan noticed her apprehension.
"Adele its fine, this is great! You're going to be a wonderful mom," He said to her smiling and her eyes brightened up.

"Thank you daddy!" Adele hugged him again.

"So," I interrupted. "When is the baby due?"

"Well, we have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow, so we will find out then."

Logan looked like he was about to explode with excitement.
"Can I feel the baby?" He placed his hands on Adele's stomach before she could reply.

"Dad, I highly doubt you're going to feel anything yet."

Logan laughed. "I know, I know, I'm just so excited!"

I held Dai's hand. My baby was growing up so fast, and soon he was going to have a baby of his own!
"We will be there with you every minute of the pregnancy! If you ever need our help, we will be right there,"
Dai frowned.

"Well that's the other thing..."

"Whats going on Dai?" I asked.

"We bought a new house, in Moonlight Falls."
Logan's face dropped.

"You... You what?" He looked at Adele who didn't meet his eyes with hers.

"We are moving to Moonlight Falls daddy."

Logan looked like someone had punched him in the stomach and Adele quickly engulfed him in a hug.
"It's ok daddy." She said gently. "We will come visit you whenever we get the chance!"

Logan sighed. "Ok, but we will miss you!"

After chatting a bit more about the baby and the move, Adele and Dai headed back to the apartment they were renting on the other side of town.
"I think I'm going to head home now too." Logan heaved himself up off of the floor where he was sitting watching tv. He turned his back on me and suddenly, I felt like someone was looking at me. I quickly looked at Paige, who stirred in her sleep, almost as if she felt the strange presence too.

"Logan wait!" I called out and he turned around. As soon as Logan was looking my way, the presence vanished, and Paige stopped fidgeting in her sleep.


"Can... Can you stay with me for the night?"
 Logan's eyes widened, almost like he was scared.

"I just think...Oh gosh, this is going to sound crazy...." I trailed off and put my hands in my head.

"Becks, is everything ok?" Logan sat next to me and tentatively placed his hand on my shoulder.

"You're going to think i'm crazy," I muttered.

"No I won't," He assured me. "Now whats wrong?"

"I feel like someone is watching me... Me and Paige." Logan still looked like he was taking me seriously, so I continued. "Neil said that the aliens might come back and try to take Paige and... I don't want to take any chances with her."
We both looked over at Paige, who had her thumb in her mouth.
Logan bit his lip.

"Let me call Blake and tell him I won't be home tonight."
Logan pulled out his phone and I carried Paige up to my room and laid her on the bed.
I reluctantly left her to go check on Logan who was still on the phone.

"No Blake, we're just friends! I'm not sleeping with her, this isn't even any of your business."
I heard his voice from downstairs and I blushed deeply.
"I swear Blake, if you say ANYTHING to Chloe you will be Mia's official babysitter for life."
Logan laughed at the phone.
"Ok mom. I love you."

He hung up and I came downstairs.
"Was that your mom?" I asked, pretending not to hear the part of the conversation where he mentioned Blake.
"Ha ha, no, it was Blake. He just was telling me to be home before 8. He doesn't want to be alone with Mia for too long."
I laughed too. That Mia was a trouble maker.
"So...." Logan shuffled awkwardly. "Are we going to go to bed?"

"I guess so yeah." I replied, and we headed upstairs.
I crawled into bed next to Paige who rested her head on my stomach, and Logan started to set up some kind of makeshift bed on the floor.

"Uh, Logan?"


"You can sleep up here if you want," I said quickly.
Logan bit his lip awkwardly.

"Are you sure?" He asked, obviously thinking back to the other times we shared a bed.

"No, its ok, you can lie on the bed if it would be more comfortable for you," I assured him.
Logan got on the bed and Paige instantly left me to snuggle with him.
"Hmph, I see how it is," I said jokingly and Logan and I laughed.
I looked at my baby girl curled up with her head on Logans muscular chest made me smile. Logan saw me smiling at him and I quickly looked away.

"What?" he asked, and I looked back at Paige.

"She just loves you so much," I admitted and Logan smiled.

"I'm sure she loves you more," He chuckled "Although I think she loves me more than my real kids do."
I laughed too.

"You can be her honorary daddy if you want?" I suggested and Logan looked at me shocked.

"What? I thought you would want Neil to be her father figure..." He trailed off.

"Why would I? You are like, the best father there is. Most of my kids already consider you family."
Logan smiled at my comment.

"So you're saying I'm like, super daddy?" He suggested wiggling his eyebrows.

"Hmm maybe super vain daddy?" Logan jokingly rolled his eyes and we laughed together, being careful not to wake up Paige, who was now quietly lying between us.
Logan lay back and crossed his arms behind his head, looking at the ceiling.

"Can I ask you something?" He said keeping his gaze on the ceiling.

"Sure,," I responded, watching his eyes wander around the room.

"Are you going to continue your challenge?"
The question took me by surprise.

"I- I don't know..." I brought my hand to my face and chewed on my nails. I had tried not to think about my challenge since Jed died, but having Paige changed things.

"I mean, after Jed died I thought I was finished, and I was ok with Mason and Tom being my last kids. Now though, having Paige changed everything," I paused and stroked her soft purple hair, and she cooed in her sleep. "I don't think i'm ready to give this up..."
Logan nodded.

"Have you thought about how you would continue?" He asked.

"Probably the way Chloe does it, with AI and random donors."
Logan nodded again.
"I don't know if I could do the random donors though..."
I looked at Logan and I suddenly got an idea.

"Logan, do you want to be the next father in my challenge?"
Logan finally tore his eyes from the ceiling.

"What?! Like," He quickly looked from me to him, and then back again. "Now?"
I laughed at his apparent panic.

"Gosh no, at the AI clinic tomorrow." Logan exhaled deeply.

"I'm sorry... I thought..." He blushed.
We both laughed.

"So tomorrow?" I asked and Logan confirmed with a nod.

"Its a date. Now get some sleep, if you want to have my baby, you need to be in top health."
I jokingly hit his arm, and I closed my eyes, Paige's soft quick breathing lulling me to sleep.


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