Monday, 18 January 2016

The Wedding, Part One: New Love

Becks' P.O.V.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching the Monte Vista International Airport, local time is 10:00am and the weather is a beautiful 27 degrees and sunny. As we start our descent, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Please turn off all electronic devices until we are safely parked at the gate. Thank you."
"Becks, wake up, we're almost there."

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Neil looking at me, gently shaking me awake with his hand on my shoulder. I straightened my chair back and fastened my seatbelt like the announcement said, then reached over and placed my hand on Neils. He clasped it and smiled at me. We had been 'dating' for about 2 weeks now, but Eliza was the only one that knew. We had decided to keep it from my kids and Logan until we got back from the wedding.

I wasn't worried about my kids being upset. They all loved Neil and would be thrilled to have him around more. Actually, I didn't know what I was worried about. Logan would be peeved, but he would get over it. He was my best friend, and he could never be too mad at me for long. Neil must have guessed what I was thinking about, because he leaned over and kissed my head. 
"Don't worry about it now." He murmured. "You have lots of time before we get home to decide how you want to tell them." I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder.
"I guess you're right."
"Becka!" Eliza squealed as I stepped out of the taxi. She ran to me and squished me in a hug. "You look great! I still can't believe you have 28 kids!" I laughed. 

“I can’t either sometimes, you look great too!” We hugged again. Neil came up beside me, carrying our suitcases. “Eliza, this is Neil.” I said, and Neil laid down one of the suitcases and extended his arm to shake her hand.
“Nice to meet you.” He said, with his always charming voice. Eliza dismissed his outstretched hand and engulfed him in a hug too. His surprised look made me giggle. Eliza saw me and gave me a mock stern look.
"Now did you really think I was going to greet me little sisters boyfriend with a handshake!" She grinned. Neil picked back up the suitcase.
"Where do you want me to put these?" He asked, adjusting his grip on the handles.
"Oh yeah right!" Eliza exclaimed. "Let me show you to your rooms! You're going to love them!" Eliza excitedly headed towards the villa.
"She's a tad bit... excitable isn't she?" Neil chuckled. I laughed too
"Yeah, that's Eliza for ya'." I said, and we followed her into the villa.
"Ok, follow me, the rooms are all in kinda separate little buildings. The main floors are just lounge areas, and the whole second floor is a bedroom." We walked up the stairs into the first room.
"This is your room Becks, I hope it's ok." 
"Its perfect Eliza! Thanks!" I exclaimed, looking around the room. Neil laid my bag on the bed.
"No problem. I couldn't have my maid of honor sleeping at a cheap hotel. Now Neil, your room is the next building over, unless you guys, ya know, wanna sleep together?" Eliza looked at us with a raised eyebrow and we both blushed.
"No, separate rooms are fine Eliza. Thank you." I said, noting her teasing smile.
We visited Neil's room, which was much like mine, and then went down to the courtyard.
"Oh yeah, where's Darwin?" I asked Eliza.
"He's Back at the house. He says he isn't feeling well but really I think it's nerves, His family is also coming today, so he is probably nervous about that too."
I nodded.
"Anyways, I'll leave you guys be now. I will be back after lunch to pick you up for fittings!"
After lunch, like she said, Eliza picked Neil and I up and drove us to the bridal shop for fittings. Darwin was there waiting and introduced himself to Neil before taking him to the men's part of the shop to have vests and pants fitted. Eliza and I went into the main area.
"The dressing rooms are already set up! Yours is over there." Eliza directed me to the dressing room furthest to the left, and I went in and got undressed. I unzipped the dress bag and put on the beautiful dress that was hanging inside.
I admired myself in the mirror for a few minutes, half twirling, and smoothing the fabric with my hands. I guess I had been in there longer than I thought, because Eliza started banging on the wall, snapping me out of my trance.
"Becks, you've been in there for at least 10 minutes! Are you stuck?" Eliza asked through the wall.
"What- No, I'm ok."
"Well why don't you come out already? I'm dying to see it!"
I slid back the curtain and stepped out into the main room. Eliza was outside waiting for me, along with Neil and Darwin, who were dressed up in their suits.
"OH MY GOSH!" Eliza squealed, rushing over to examine me closer. "You look like a princess!"
I smiled slightly.
"Thank you Eliza, it's a beautiful dress!" I said, gently straightening out the pleats with my hands.
Eliza stepped back and neil came up to me, smiling sweetly and taking my hands in his.
"You look stunning." He said, kissing my forehead and causing me to blush slightly.
"And one might say that you look quite handsome yourself." I replied, reaching up to adjust the collar of his shirt. 
We were interrupted by Eliza letting out a loud "Awwwwe!"
"You two are adorable!" She gushed. "But we need to get going! Becks, if you can pry yourself away from your boyfriend for an hour or two, I want you to come with me to check out the venue! Neil, you can go with Darwin and do guy stuff or whatever."
"Sure!" I exclaimed "Just let me change out of this dress ok?" Eliza laughed.
"Ok but don't take 10 minutes this time!"
The drive to the venue was beautiful. Monte Vista had this rustic charm that couldn't be imitated.
The venue itself was so stunning, you had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren't dreaming. I knew Eliza wasn't a chapel kind of girl, but I had expected something over the top and luxurious. This was exactly the opposite. 

 The area for the ceremony was lined with ancient columns, and framed with flowers. The simple white folding chairs were adorned with delicate baby blue bows, and a grand piano sat at the end of the isle.

 The reception area was no less eye catching. The same chairs from the ceremony were placed around small white bistro tables, with a larger table set aside in the middle for the bride and groom. The area was nestled under a couple of arbors, tangled with vines and sparkling white lights. 

An area of natural paving stones had been set aside for dancing, once again framed with flowers growing up around ancient stone columns. A small makeshift DJ booth was set up at one end, and hanging from column to column were more sparkling lights. 
"Eliza it's amazing! I can't believe you're getting married here!"
"I can't either..." Eliza chuckled nervously. "I mean, we have been engaged forever, but getting married? I don't know it just seems like such a big step, so many things are going to change."
I looked at her surprised. My sister, Eliza, nervous? I don't think i'd ever seen her like that before.
"You're not having second thoughts about marriage, are you?"
"What? No!" Eliza declared. "It's just after marriage... Well you know how the rhyme goes..."
"Wait, so you are worried Darwin is going to want kids once you're married?" I asked, and Eliza looked away. 
"Well he always talks about it, and I just don't know if kids are my cup of tea." I reached out and gave her a hug.
"Don't worry about it! You don't have to have kids, i'm sure Darwin would understand, and still love you. Plus kids aren't that bad, trust me, I have 28!" We both laughed.
"But seriously," Eliza said. "You think I would be a good mom?"
"Of course!" I assured her. "After all, you are an awesome sister, so it's not that big of a stretch." Eliza smiled.
We strolled around the venue for a bit longer, taking in the sights, and laughing. 
"We should probably get going." Eliza said, checking the time. When she dropped me back off at the villa, she stopped. "Remember," she said "Rehearsal is at 10 tomorrow morning! Don't be late!"
"I won't!" I promised, and she drove away.
Part one of Eliza's wedding post is complete! *dances* 
I've literally been putting this post off for YEARS (not even exaggerating)  and i'm so glad it's finally done 
I'm gonna tell you, there was almost a disaster (aka smarty pants over here DELETED THE ENTIRE POST AND COULDN'T GET IT BACK) but thank goodness for Bloggers shitty mobile phone app cause I was able to get an old draft back and fix it up. (I almost cried tbh)
Anyways, like always, I hope you enjoy! 


  1. I was reading the whole challenge through recently (again) and this new post popped up I was so exited ,
    Eliza is so pretty I really like her
    When will you be updating again?

    -Tamsin (a fan)

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