Thursday, 20 October 2011

Playgrounds and photos!!

Becks P.O.V
it was a beautiful day out so after his birthday i took sam outside for a ride on the bouncy toy.
lilianna wasnt so pleased. since sam had no siblings the same age as him i spent as much time with him as i could.

after that i brought him inside to teach him to walk.
he was a very fast learner and was toddling around in no time!
after his lunch i read sam a book. he loved to turn the pages for me!
sam and lilianna really bonded over the block table.
jed helped lilianna study. she was the only triplet that wasnt a  genius.
i decided to teach sam how to talk. it would be alot more easy for him to socialize with his older siblings.
the next day it was potty training day. not my favorite day, but it pays off in the long run!
while my little rockstar jammed out on his xylophone and my smart little girls did their homework, me and jed got down to business.

 baby #5 let me know that it was on the way a few hours later.
i went outdoors and watched the girls enjoy the beautiful day on the playground.

jed microwaved some hotdogs for the girls while i had a nap
i was woken up by a movement in my stomach. baby 5 was offically on the way.
the girls slept well after i told them that the baby would be here soon
i was too excited to sleep so i played some video games
and painted
and cleaned the fish tank
sam played with his new bear. it was a bit creepy for my liking, but sam loved it.
while sam ate his cookie mush, it was birthday time for the girls!!
As always the oldest, Julianna went first!

ah, the teen years. here is julianna as a teen!
next up to the cake was lilianna.

lilianna as a teen! she's a female carbon copy of jed.
yasmeen grows up next!

yasmeen as a beautiful teenager
i decided to let sam grow up too since he has known his skills for 3 days now.
sam as a kiddie!
family photo shoot time!
the girls
me and jed
the whole Best family

thats it for now sorry i took so long to post i got caught up in playing the sims 3 pets(pictures below) 

love you all ttfl (ta ta for now) and buy pets! its totally worth it.