Monday, 24 September 2012

LOGAN FEY'S 100 BABY CHALLENGE!! (and fall contests!)

Yay another 100 baby challenge! (amirite?) 


Its a guy doing the challenge! Thats right, for those of you who dont already know, Logan Fey is doing the 100 baby challenge!!


And, he's off to a good start! With 16 kids down and 84 to go!


along with her son Dai, who also makes quite a few appearances :3

Also, her daughter Molly (Baby #7) was in Logans challenge and had a boy named Micah 

If you enjoy my challenge, go read Logan's and everything will be twice as fun, interesting, amazing and crazy!

Check it out here:

Also check out Logans facebook page

Oh and mine 

Also, make sure to check out Logan's awesome fall contests on his facebook page! They are awesome!


Toodles for now!


Friday, 21 September 2012

~But I Guess Thats The Way it Goes~

~Guy Keenan's P.O.V~

I didn't mind Appaloosa Plains. It was a bit chilly for my liking, but slap a ten gallon hat on your head and pull on a pair of cowboy boots, and you blend right in. That's just what I needed right now, to blend in. No, not blend in, hide. I pressed my fingers to my temples and took another drag of my cigarette. I could just hear my mom yelling at my dad to get out of the house if he was going to have a smoke.

I laughed. What would Mom think about her boy now? On the run because he possibly got his highschool girlfriend pregnant during a drunken one night stand. Well first, she would slap me, tell me to get it together, go find that girl and be a part of the possible baby's life. Then she would say "Its a good thing your father's not around anymore or you would be getting more than a slap and a lecture." Finally, she would kick me out of the house and tell me not to come back until I was married to that poor girl.

Looks like I would never be going back home.

I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. "Alcohol isn't the answer for everything!" Mom's voice came to my head again. No, but it answered some things. It ended my dad's miserable life. Its not like the man had a wife and kids to live for or anything. I took a swig of my beer. After dad died, Mom made me vow never to drink again. That lasted for about 10 years, until I was old enough to realize that it wasn't the alcohol that killed him, it was his own ignorance and stupidity.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didnt notice the blue haired man in a military get-up sit on the stool next to me. I started to panic "The weather is good this evening" Robin absently stared into the distance. He didnt recognize me. "Yeah, its supposed to cool off o'er night tho" I faked a gruff southern accent. "So, what brings you to town?" I was curious, Robin should be at home with his new family. "Work and things" Robin motioned for the bartender. "Another for me and my friend here, on my tab"

Two more drink were poured and placed on the table. "Everything is so hectic at home, with a new baby and my daughter being pregnant and only a teen... but of course you dont want to know about my problems." Lilly was pregnant? "Its ok Son, im not a bad listener" I tilted my head down when I talked so he couldnt get a good look at my face. He sighed. "Well, me and my wife just had a new baby, and now some kid got our teenage daughter pregnant. And, on top of all of that, my friend is on hiatus and we cant track him down for the life of us." Was... was he talking about me?

Robin sighed again. "All of this and i've been trying to keep an eye on my wifes mother, since she had an incident not to long ago." Wait! Robin's wife's mother was Becks! What happened to her? "What happened? If you don't mind me asking..." Robin lowered his head "Well, she had a fight with her husband, and while they were apart, she got pregnant. She was too drunk to remember who the father was." I tried to hide my surprise. I did get her pregnant! Dang it! "Thats not good, son" "No, and shortly after she lost the baby." I coughed, almost spitting out my beer. "You ok man?" I was trying to hold back tears.

"Yeah son, I gotta be headin' home now, nice talking to you" I quickly left the bar and started up my truck. I made it to the highway before i really broke down in tears.
It wasnt fair! It wasnt fair for Becks to have to go through this because of my stupid mistake.
Why do my mistakes always end up hurting the one person I love?
The world was spinning around me.... I could see her and me and then the headlights of an oncoming car.
All that was left was darkness.


Robin's P.O.V

I had just gotten into my hotel room. All of this traveling was exhausting and it was refreshing to dump all of my troubles on a random stranger. Still, something about that guy seemed familiar, Like he was an old friend. I was taking off my boots when my phone rang in my pocket. I checked the caller ID to see if it was Cassy. I missed her and spending time away from my new son was bothering me greatly. To my surprise, it was Alex Anders.

"Hey Anders, whats the occasion."
"Moreno... They found Keenan."
"Thats great where is he?"
"... He's in the hospital in Appaloosa Plains... its not looking so good"
"Oh my gosh Alex... What happened?"
"He was in an accident... an oncoming vehicle hit his truck on the drivers side... He's still not awake."
"I will be there asap!"

I hung up the phone and quickly pulled on my boots again. The hospital was only a few blocks away so i didnt bother starting up my car.
I rushed into the hospital and Alex grabbed me by the shoulders.
"Moreno, calm down. He's this way."

Alex lead me through the hospital to a room in the emergency department.
I walked into the room and gasped.
There laying on the table, hooked up to a bunch of different machines, was the man I talked to at the bar.
It only took me a second to realize... That man was Guy Keenan


SOOO I was really bored and I missed Guy and Robin, so I decided to do a little bit with them :D
I hope you like it, and that your not crying too much.

Amiee ^_^

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Not Falling Apart ~ Lucky Palms Chapter 5

Becks P.O.V

"I wonder what's in this one!" Dai exclaimed excitedly, proceeding to tear the brightly colored paper off of the box. His hand reached inside and pulled out a toy orca. "Happy birthday Dai" Logan said. "it's for in the bath." Dai got up and hugged Logan

 "Thanks Logan!" "No problem kiddo, now go open your last gift." Dai sat next to Adele in front of the small box Adele had insisted he open last. "Its from your mom, it has to be good!" she had said. Dai finally opened the small box and pulled out a blue dog leash.

As he looked at it curiously, I ran to the  bedroom of Cassandra's house to get the real gift. Dai was still staring at the leash when I brought in the real surprise, a rainbow puppy with black spots.

I lay the puppy on the floor and it waddled over to Dai who instantly picked it up. "Is it really mine? Where did you get him! What's his name?" a million questions shot out of his mouth and I laughed, "Yes, she is all yours Dai, and I got her from Adele's big sister Carlie. You get to pick out her name."

Dai pondered what I had told him. "Ummmm..... I think I will name her Fae!" Fae barked in agreement. "that's a great name Dai!" Adele exclaimed, and Dai let her hold Fae. Fae licked Adele's nose and she giggled. "I think she likes you Adele" Dai said and Adele blushed.

 I smiled and tried to sit comfortably on the floor, with my growing baby bump. The bump was small but noticeable, and I kept it covered with loose fitting clothes. I had seen Robin eyeing my slightly protruding stomach, but he never asked about it.

Everyday my clothes got tighter, I wondered how I was going to hide it. Dai sat in my lap. "This was the best birthday ever mom!" l kissed his head. "I'm glad you had a good day sweetie! Is there anything else you would like to do for your birthday?" Dai thought.

"Can we go fishing off of the docks with Adele and Logan?" I looked to Logan who nodded. "Sure! Let's bring Robin too, he is a good fisher" at the sound of his name, Robin's head popped up. "What?" "Were going fishing Robin, do you want to come?" Robin smiled "Of course! I'll go grab my tackle box and rods!"

It was windy at the docks, making it slightly cool, which was strange for Lucky Palms, but greatly appreciated. We had been there for 10 minutes and Dai had already caught 5 fish. I was watching my son with pride, when suddenly, there were two of him floating around.

 I put my hand to my head and blinked to try and get rid of the double vision when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I let out a cry of pain and collapsed on the dock. I heard Dai scream and Robin shout my name before everything went black.

When I became conscious again, I was on a stretcher. I was moving quickly , doctors frantically shouting orders. I looked to my left and Robin was there looking at me. "Robin" I croaked "what's happening?" "You passed out at the dock, your at the hospital." I was starting to slip back into unconsciousness

"My baby.." I managed to get out. "Dai's ok, he's with Logan and Adele" At first I was confused, and then I remembered. Nobody knows I'm pregnant. "No, not Dai..." Robin looked at me puzzled. "Robin" I looked him right in the eyes "I'm pregnant" before he could respond I had become unconscious.


The next few days at the hospital passed quickly. As soon as I woke up, the doctors explained I had lost the baby. "The umbilical cord was wrapped around the fetus's neck, and it didn't survive. It was too far along for the uterus to dispose of naturally, so we had to  surgery to remove it."

I felt like someone had stabbed me through the heart. "was it a boy or a girl?" I managed to get out. "It was a little girl" Tears started rolling down my cheeks. "You can leave the hospital tomorrow" the doctor left me alone to mourn.

I managed to pull myself together before Robin came in to see me. I opened my mouth to speak but he cut me off "The doctor already told me." I let out a sigh of relief. "Did you tell anyone?" I asked. "Not yet, not even Cassandra" "Good. Nobody can know I was pregnant" Robin nodded.

"How did It happen Becks?"
"I don't remember..... It must have happened when I was at the club. I have no idea who the father was." tears started to roll down my cheeks again. "Don't cry! It wasn't your fault. I won't tell a soul that you were pregnant. We can just say you blacked out and the doctors wanted to keep you under surveillance for a couple of days to make sure you were alright, ok?"

I wiped the tears from my eyes. "Thank you so much Robin." Robin smiled "Anytime, now get some rest ok?" Robin left the room and I quickly fell asleep.


The morning came quickly and as soon as I woke up, I checked out of the hospital. Cassindra was waiting with Dai in the hotel room when I returned. "Mom!" Dai happily ran over for a hug. "I'm so glad that your ok!" I buried my face in his wavy purple hair. "I'm glad I'm ok too."

 Cassandra helped me and Dai pack and then said goodbye. We got in the car and Dai asked "Where are we going mom?" "Were going home, but first, we have to make a visit to Logan and Adele's new house."


Ahhhh! I've missed you guys! Hopefully this post will make up for my absence.

Becks is going to be in Logans challenge! Read all about it HERE (when I link it LOL its not out yet)
Don't miss it!

Too all of you who are gone back to school, I hope that the teachers don't give you too much homework, and to those who are still enjoying their summer (like me) have fun with your last bit of freedom!